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This is our latest How to Sell on eBay UK video on TamebayTV. This week I look at images and photography on eBay.

In the increasingly image driven world of ecommerce, eBay needs more and better photographs from sellers to satisfy mobile shoppers who most likely won’t read your written descriptions. Your images clinch sales.

So make them count. You have twelve free slots for illustrative images on every eBay listing and how many you use will depend very much on what you’re selling. There are very few items on eBay that warrant just a single image in the listing. And your best selling lines will benefit from the time and effort you put into creating fantastic shots that sell. If you sell again and again from the same listing, great pictures are well worth investing in.

It’s also worth reviewing eBay’s Picture Standards that govern what you can an cannot include in images and don’t forget that eBay can also take your images and add them to their catalogue under some circumstances.

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Tamebay is tackling the basics again with “how to” videos and a laser specific focus interest in relation to eBay selling. This is our fifth video and over the next 5 weeks we’ll be looking at other aspects of eBay trading. Find out more here.

Our first video looked at optimising your eBay listings. The second instalment considered eBay’s Best Match system. Every eBay seller needs to be an expert in Best Match, it’s how eBay displays items to shoppers.

We then looked long and hard at at eBay Buyer Fraud. That’s how you cope with buyers who say the goods you sent didn’t arrive. It’s often easy to spot but eBay does seem to find, anecdotally according to sellers, usually in the favour of the shoppers. Last week’s video considered returns.

There’s plenty more to come. (What should we covering in future videos? We’d love to hear more suggestions.) Stay tuned.

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  1. If they’re added to the catalogue I understand other sellers can use them? This takes away the incentive to put time in if another seller can just use your professional photos – you do the work, but then someone else can use your listing and undercut you on price? I feel its an infringement of my intellectual property rights personally.

    Its one of the main reasons I sell on ebay and not Amazon – that I can market a product uniquely and promote my own brand. Despite being a top rated seller I feel my days on the marketplace are numbered.

    Another issue I have is I take good photos but ebay compresses them to a lower quality.. I attach them in the description using HTML to my website and the quality of those in the description is noticeably better.


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