Free returns now promoted in search on eBay UK

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It looks like eBay is testing the attraction of free returns for buyers by promoting it as a filter in eBay UK search.

Have a look and see if you can find it. Search for something and it might be in the various filters on the left hand side in the ‘Show Only’ section.

free returns

Several eBay users we know are seeing this but, it’s right to confess, I can’t replicate the feature.

That may mean that it’s only viewable to some sellers, and is likely just a test, or it may be available only in certain categories for only relevant inventory. Let us know if you see the option in search when you’re using it.

eBay is keen on returns at the moment as we reported earlier in the year when we reported: eBay UK Spring 2017 Seller Release: Returns updates. Those updates focussed most keenly on timings and speed rather than putting on any importance on the cost of returns.

But it’s not that much of a deal in every likely case. Those filters on the left hand side of search results are not popular click points by buyers. A simple keyword search is the most frequent approach that the vast majority of buyers make when they’re looking for goods. Some more sophisticated, dedicated shoppers might have saved searches and do use the filters. But probably not that many as a total percentage.

But what is clear is that eBay is thinking increasingly that returns terms are of interest to shoppers and that is probably correct. No quibbles terms are not unusual from retailers and eBay will want to be on the right side of that trend.

Do you agree? Do you offer free returns and do you think that inspires buyer confidence?

(Thanks to Jane Bell, the eBay anorak, who spotted this new feature.)

4 Responses

  1. Odd place to put that filter — in the price discovery filter section.

    What’s a free return defined as?
    Free return postage? Including premium outbound postage? With discount for use/damage? From anywhere in the world? At any time after the transaction?

  2. Ahhh another move away from the smaller traders who simply cannot afford to play this marketing game. They will include it in search in best match as where there preference partners like Argos, Shopto, Tescos etc will always have preference. The claims defective return post is already abused mainly in the UK , we have never had a defective item back yet. It will get abused to bits as normal and will only help push prices up for the smaller traders .
    We also keep seeing this BETA BOT for INR appear at the bottom of our screen now and then, god knows what new nightmare these looneys have thought up.
    Better options out there than ebay these days anyway.


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