Why signing up for Amazon Business is a no brainer

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Amazon Business is a relatively new offering from Amazon and is a competitive marketplace for B2B products that serves the procurement needs of businesses of every size.

What to Amazon Business customers want?

Business often have complex purchasing requirements,like the certainty of competitive pricing, which is why they’ll often streamline their purchasing flows which may for example include preferred (or mandatory) approved suppliers. This enables employees to make purchases often without the requirement for a line manager or the accounts team to sign them off in advance. Amazon wants a slice of this market and that is where Amazon Business comes in.

The Amazon Business proposition adds a level of functionality to ordering which is specifically tailored to business customers’ requirements. It includes the ability to specify purchase orders, receive bulk buy discounts, free expedited delivery, VAT exclusive prices, VAT invoices, and the ability to set spending limits and purchase approval workflows where required.

Why you have to sign up to sell on Amazon Business

James Wilson set out the Amazon Business proposition at the Linnworks’ Linn Academy 2017, but all you really need to know is that it’s a good idea to sign up. It won’t cost you anything, won’t take very long and could win your more sales. What’s not to like?

Amazon say that they’re already seeing great results for customers and sellers in the three markets that Amazon Business has launched in (US, UK and Germany). In our view here at Tamebay the decision to sign up really is a bit of a no brainer. It doesn’t matter if you don’t fully understand the proposition to business customers or if you think your product set may not be totally suited to businesses. It can’t do you any harm and may increase your Amazon turnover so sign up today or watch the presentation from Linn Academy 17 for more information (and then sign up!).

6 Responses

  1. “feel free to point out why am Amazon merchant shouldn’t sign up ?”

    Because they might not be VAT registered, and therefore can’t sign-up – but your unusual ‘reads like an advert’ article doesn’t mention that, and you have to watch the video until near the end to find out.

  2. Not sure why u think its an advert, I honestly think that its a great piece of information (and a video) for online sellers. As written, there isn’t any downside to it, unless u don’t feel like increasing your business. As mention, if it’s not for you, u can just keep on to the next article, maybe it will suit u better.

    Any advice that can increase sales & channels is welcome, at least for me.

  3. One good reason not to sign up is if you generate VAT invoices on-house and include them with your orders. It’s one of the few ways to legitimately get your own business name or brand in front of the customer (because a VAT invoice by law has to show your business details).

    Signing up for this programme means that you lose that little bit of mild marketing and become even more faceless to the buyers. It also could create complexity in terms of training for packers, who will have to remember different rules for different selling channels.

    With Amazon-generated VAT invoices being created separately to invoices raised in-house for other channels, has anyone confirmed with HMRC whether they are willing to overlook their requirement for invoices to be sequentially numbered with any gaps accounted for ? Amazon may be above the law, but ordinary sellers aren’t !


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