The Google Sheets Ecommerce Platform

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Now out of Beta, but for a short time invitation only, The Google Sheets Ecommerce Platform from Bindwise is launching today.

Billed as a ‘custom-tailored ecommerce software to reduce busy work – so you can focus on the things that matter’, it’s an interesting development as it utilises the free online Google Sheets spreadsheet service to run your ecommerce business. At launch, eBay, Amazon and Etsy are supported to offer an alternative to other multichannel solutions on the market.

The idea behind the solution is that many online retailers start off managing their business on spreadsheets so are already familiar with how they work – there’s no new software to learn. The aim is to offer online sellers a carefully picked range of task automations, like order management or inventory management and all within Google Sheets.

Bindwise isn’t a new player on the market. The company was founded in 2015 and launched their first service for Amazon sellers – timely alerting allowing sellers keep a pulse on everything what might spoil reputation or threaten Amazon business.

“Ecommerce daily operations in Google Sheets – that’s the place where online sellers do their business when either they start selling or they’re already pro sellers. We have launched this second product in limited preview, meaning sellers get access to the system only by invitations.”
– Alex Borisenko, Bindwise co-founder

The Google Sheets Ecommerce Platform Key benefits

  • Eliminate daily routine manual work & reduce human errors
  • Have a company that is working for you while you sleep
  • Software you already work without learning pains
  • Flexibility to meet ever-changing workflow
  • Quicker expansion into new sales channels

Signing up to The Google Sheets Ecommerce Platform

Currently The Google Sheets Ecommerce Platform is available only by invites. At the time of writing this article, there has been 1,207 sellers waiting in the queue. When this solution will be available publicly is unknown, but you can use register to get on the exclusive waiting list. The invite system is incentive based – you share your unique url, wait while your friends sign up and you both move up the line by up to 40 positions. Also, for 1-2 invited friends you get $100 on Bindwise balance.

The eventual subscription cost has not yet been revealed but The Google Sheets Ecommerce Platform is certainly an interesting entrant to the ecommerce marketplace world.


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