Pixelz makes photo retouching an on-demand service

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We first discovered Pixelz in 2012 and always loved their service which takes average images and turning them into fabulous clean product images that any retailer would be proud to display on their website. In today’s world where image search is starting to become the norm, the only way to be found is with quality images on plain, preferably white, backgrounds.

Now, five years later and following a $7 million investment, we decided to catch up with Pixelz (formerly known as Removethebackground.com) to discover that they’ve now edited over 20 Million Images. This is what they had to say:

Pixelz makes photo retouching an on-demand service

Ecommerce is built on imagery—billions of product images are being clicked, swiped, and compared by customers every day. To win those customers, brands and retailers must produce higher quality photos, faster, and at a much greater volume than ever before

That’s why we’ve made product image retouching an on-demand service. With a single click, retailers can now get edited images back in 3 hours or less!

Next Morning Delivery and 3 Hour Expedite

We’re in an on-demand era. The most valuable goods are those delivered exactly when you need them—that’s why Amazon conquered retail with Prime delivery, and Netflix made DVDs obsolete with instant streaming.

PRO Retailer customers get edited product images back the morning after they’re uploaded, regardless of quantity or time zone. Wherever you are, if images are submitted by midnight your time they’ll be done by 8:00 a.m. the next morning.

Need to rush an image or order? Expedite at the click of a button, and get retouched product images back in 3 hours or less.

eBay and Amazon Compliant Images for just £0.55

Remove the background, consistently align your products, and output correct sizing and file formats for eBay, Amazon (including amazon.co.uk), and other marketplaces with a few quick clicks.

Did you know eBay is banning images with watermarks in 2018? It’s true. eBay is constantly changing their image standards—like raising the minimum size from 500px to 1600px, or banning text, logos, and borders—and tracking the new rules is frustrating and time consuming. If you’re using Pixelz’s eBay specification, you can be sure all images will be processed according to the most up-to-date guidelines.

A Photoshop Assembly Line

How is such speed, control, quality, and cost-effectiveness possible? Technology.
pixelz screenshot-closeup-outsourced-photo-editing-system-completed-image

Image editing is broken down into an assembly line process, with complete step-by-step data tracking.

Pixelz breaks product image retouching down into a step-by-step process where specialist editors and artificial intelligence work in parallel on different retouching steps. There are hundreds of micro-steps, thousands of editors, and rooms full of servers—all creating the world’s most advanced online post-production system, S.A.W.™ (Specialist Assisted Workflows).

Digital lean production brings you incredible consistency and complete transparency.

Best Practice Advanced Retouching Options

Marketplace compliance is important for omnichannel sellers, but it’s not the endpoint for ambitious retailers. Retouching skin, rebuilding areas covered by props, reducing creases, and creating shape and symmetry will help you sell more.

Pixelz has edited over 20 million images across categories for leading brands and retailers all over the world. We’ve used our experience to create product specific best practice retouching options. You don’t need technical knowledge: our onboarding system can guide you, visually, to the best retouching options for your brand and product.

20+ Million Images, 10.000+ Customers, 100+ Countries

Don’t take our word for it. See who uses Pixelz, read Pixelz reviews, and find a relevant retouching case study.

10 Free Image Edits

If you’re an ambitious retailer who needs product image editing and is tired of the headache of hiring freelancers or fly-by-night outsourcing companies, try a PRO Retailer free trial today. Get 10 images edited for free.

4 Responses

  1. and thanks to ebay’s photo policy, you can wait until your competitor forks out the cash for beautiful images of your products, then pinch em off ebay with their blessing.

  2. Where does the £0.55 per image come from? The pro plan is $75 + $0.75 per image.

    Have I missed a special offer?


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