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Simon Batt, wnDirect CEOwnDirect with their expertise in international delivery have helped retailers grow from a few hundred parcels a week to sending a thousand a day or more. This is all down to the way they have examined the challenges and barriers to international shipping and built services to streamline everything from customs complexities to streamlining final mile deliveries in line with differing local customer expectations in countries around the world.

We spoke to Simon Batt, wnDirect CEO to find out more and discover how wnDirect can streamline cross border deliveries for your business:

Who are wnDirect?

The wnDirect team has been helping retailers with their international deliveries for over five years now, and we are very proud to continue to do things differently.

Our foundations were built on the challenges that retailers faced when looking to expand their eCommerce businesses to international markets. Customs processes were often complex and cumbersome, offering a consistent delivery experience was difficult, and consumers in those markets had ever increasing expectations around delivery. We looked at these challenges and created services around them to offer a better way for emerging brands to access overseas markets, and give consumers a better experience.

We now help many leading retailers to deliver their parcels to international locations all over the world by offering a service specifically aimed towards the B2C eCommerce market. The service is cheaper than express, fully tracked, with local language notifications – and we have a range of added value services which we offer to our retailers and consumers.

What do wnDirect do?

We help eCommerce retailers reach their international potential with a continually innovative and reliable delivery service. By partnering with us, our retailers offer a seamless delivery and consumer experience to their international consumers – from ordering online, receiving local language updates, to final mile delivery using a local B2C hero to make the ‘doorstep’ experience like buying from a domestic retailer. We handle everything.

Our core service provides many simple label / shipping integration options, paperless Tax and Duty management, full tracking, and your own performance reporting. If you want to be really different then you can even offer Click & Collect with a direct delivery to a local pick-up point.

With reverse logistics offered as part of our wnReturns solution, we can really help you and your consumers with every step of the journey. Globally there are 1.79 billion digital buyers who turn to the internet to buy goods, so I believe there are huge opportunities for UK brands to expand their businesses.

Why you should be interested in wnDirect

We believe we are different because we can help retailers of all sizes, regardless of where they are on their international journey. We know that selling to an international audience can be daunting, so by taking a partnership approach, and working to the needs of your business, we can help you through the process. We are not a ‘one size fits all’ business, and try to use all of our experience and know-how to make the final solution right for you and your business. Flexibility is crucial to us.

Our IT is simple and straightforward, meaning you can integrate with our services really easily – it doesn’t matter if you use are using Metapack, Linnworks, Scurri (for example) or you need access to wnLite (our own simple online labelling and manifesting portal). Some of our retailers started with just a few hundred parcels a week, and now send thousands a day – all because they trust that we know the international markets we operate in, and can tailor an approach to their business.

Where do you feel you have made a real difference to your retailers?

We have helped our retailers to really make an impact on the international market, strengthening the UK as a great exporting nation – by offering a customised international delivery service, UK retailers can go toe-to-toe with local retailers in the destination markets. One of our partners, FreestyleXtreme has gone from strength to strength since working with us, and we are really proud of their success.

Initially they used Royal Mail’s international delivery services, quickly realising that an untracked mail solution wasn’t consistent.

“From the outset we recognised that good customer service had to be a cornerstone to our brand. We aspired to behave more like a premium retailer so using an untracked mail service meant we often didn’t know about issues. We were delighted when wnDirect came along as we know that a good customer experience is at their very core. The onboarding process was also the smoothest I have ever experienced. Usually setting up with a new logistics partner can feel a bit like pulling teeth. With wnDirect it was easy.”
– Ben Richardson, Managing Director, FreestyleXtreme

Find out more

We have pulled together some further information about our services – click here to find out more.

Or you can contact us directly at [email protected]

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  1. Used wnDirect twice last year through Interparcel
    Never again
    Had to chase delivery updates/delay’s
    Tracking details were not updating
    Eventually delivered
    But delivery times to long

  2. No such thing as “your consumers.” They are either “your customers” (people who buy stuff from you) or “consumers” (the great mass of folks who buy stuff)


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