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You’ll notice that Tamebay is looking a little different today. We’ve been listening to you, our readers, and what you want from Tamebay, so have moved content around a little to make it easier for you to find the news that you’re looking for in 2018, with the launch of 4 new channels to segregate articles into different areas of interest.

We’re publishing more stories than ever before and we’ve listened and heard that some of the articles aren’t always relevant to you, so from today we’ll still be highlighting the biggest stories of the day as ‘Headline News’ and other content will now be split into the 4 new channels. The aim is for you to find the news that matters to you most, with other news split into different silos.

Merchant News

If you’re one of our long term readers, it’s likely that you’re an online seller and our new Merchant News channel is where you’ll find the news that directly impacts your marketplace business. If there are changes to the way marketplaces operate, selling tips, site problems or news of new marketplaces you might want to target then the Merchant News channel is where you’ll find the information that’s key for online selling.

Retailers and Brands News

Large retailers and brands approach marketplaces from a different angle to merchants who specifically set up their businesses to sell online. In Retailers and Brands News we’ll be covering topics from the perspective of people working for high street retailers and brands and how they engage with marketplaces.

Suppliers News

We know that many suppliers read Tamebay, want to keep tabs on the competition, and want to know how changes to marketplaces will impact the tools and services that they offer marketplace sellers, both large and small. Our new Suppliers News channel will segment this news although often merchants and retailers will also want to dip into this section of Tamebay.

Industry Insiders News

If you want to know how governments will impact the ecommerce giants, what the share price is doing, and who is expanding with new locations or has a new CEO then Industry Insiders News is where you’ll find this information. It may not be news that’s critical for online sellers, but here insiders can keep up to date with who’s who in the industry and what might impact trade globally.

Subscribe to Tamebay

Naturally we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get Tamebay News in the format that suits you best. Thousands of you already subscribe to our daily news email which will now become ‘Merchant News’. If you would like to keep up to date with news from our other Channels, or haven’t yet subscribed, sign up today to choose which news you’d like to receive and get everything you need to know delivered direct to your inbox.

Where have the old categories gone?

On the Tamebay home page you’ll still find the latest news in each of the four Channels. You’ll also be able to use the menu options to drill down into eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces as well as Ecommerce, Payments and Logistics News.

Thank you

Tamebay wouldn’t exist without you our readers and we’d like to thank you for reading, commenting, contributing and sometimes complaining to keep up on our toes!

As always, we want to hear your stories and with four new channels we’d love to hear from you whether you’re a merchant, work within a large retailer or brand, are a supplier or have some insider news you’d like to share.

Best wishes
Chris Dawson, Dan Wilson & Paul Skeldon – Tamebay Editors

2 Responses

  1. I would have joined but they had no import system. If you want to compete with eBay you will need an simple import system. Nobody is going to list items one at a time.

  2. I used to love reading tamebay and I still do. But unfortunately with the last 2 major updates I have found it increasingly hard to read. I find it to be information overload and it isn’t clear to know where to look to get the latest news.



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