Tamebay to rebrand as ChannelX

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Tamebay will be rebranding as ChannelX and evolving to match the new, exciting and certainly not-final frontier of ecommerce.

Much has changed since the early days of Tamebay, back when ecommerce was a raw feature of an advancing world. Today, ecommerce is a fundamental part of everyday life.

Consumers now spend more than half of their visits on marketplaces, while retailers and brands become their own marketplaces, and these now-mature platforms support entrepreneurship around the world.

Modern consumers master their environment with information, inspiration, shopping and entertainment through a phone, a TV, a banking app, from any and every brand, country and retailer. As we reflect on how far we have grown as a community we must embrace the changing reality, of a more connected, instant, seamless, inspiring or capable world of ecommerce.

ChannelX reflects this changing reality. Mirroring the modern customer, who sits at the nexus of many channels, devices, media and formats, ChannelX represents and guides industry professionals who too have become multi-platform, multi-channel, multi-capable.

The evolution of Tamebay into ChannelX recognises that nothing is static and the future of ecommerce is ever changing, Symbolised by the ‘X’ we stand with a continuously evolving sector, adapting to meet new needs, desires and demands.

ChannelX is at the heart of the industry channels and the consumer, mapping current best practice and future directions through our research, analysis, training or events. ChannelX is the new home for channel professionals.

From the 4th of April, Tamebay will adopt the ChannelX brand. Having pioneered the effective use of marketplaces in the UK since 2006, it has expanded coverage to the US and European regions, touches on over 400 marketplaces, and seen the marketplace capabilities incorporated into social media, mobile, and global corporations. The move to ChannelX recognises the increased scope, maturity and ambition for the service.

ChannelX sits alongside other IRMS brands, including RetailX (researching retail performance) and DeliveryX (after the ‘buy button’ operations and delivery experience).

9 Responses

  1. Tamebay has changed so much as eCommerce has but the name is sad thing to say goodbye to :'(

  2. Very good. I trust your brand advisors would have seen the existing ChannelX (https://channelx.co.uk/) which is a well established & BAFTA award winning comedy programme production house and probably see the synergies. Hope it goes well.

  3. Good luck teamTB, must admit that it does sound a bit like it belongs right at the end of the Sky channel list, you know the ones that come on at 11pm…



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