Amazon Custom enables selling with personalisation in the UK

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Amazon Custom is now available in the UK, sellers can list products with customisation options available and consumers can select the customisation details required at the point of purchase. This is a huge time saving for sellers who no longer have to contact customers after the purchase to beg for customisation details slowing down the entire sales process and adding unnecessary work.

Customisation options available on Amazon UK

There are three customisation options available when listing on Amazon UK. The options can also be combined, for instances you may wish to offer text and image customisation such as on this Amazon listing for a Personalised Happy Birthday Chocolate Bar.

Personalised Happy Birthday Chocolate Bar

Text Customisation

Text customisation allows the customer to add unique text to your products using colour and font options you’ve specified within Seller Central. Examples may include embroidery, engraving, printing and more.

Image Customization

Image customisation allows the customer to upload their own image or logo to customise your products.

Product Configuration

Using Product Configuration, you can enable the creation of make-on-demand items, allowing customers to choose from unique drop down options you’ve specified within Seller Central for each product.

A ‘Customize Now’ button replaces the regular ‘Add to Basket’ button on Amazon meaning that it’s not possible for a buyer to complete a purchase without supplying their customisation details.

How to buy from Amazon Custom

Amazon Custom Personalisation details

When a buyer clicks the ‘Customize Now’ button, they are prompted to add any text and/or images and select any options offered. Then when they click ‘Add to Basket’ and pay these details will all be included with the order and passed directly to the seller.

The customisation process isn’t entirely without flaw – currently if you try to customise a product requiring a photo upload on the Amazon mobile app or in a mobile browser you get a message saying “We’re sorry. This item can’t be customised via Mobile. Please open on any laptop or pc and follow the instructions to customise and purchase this item.” However, items which contain text only customisation such as this Happy Birthday Chocolate Bar can be customised and purchased on mobile platforms.

Sell on Amazon Custom

If you wish to sell personalised items on Amazon Custom you will need to apply in Seller Central. It’s an addition to your normal Amazon seller account.

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  1. This is a long overdue facility, it’s been a great help for my business, I’ve been using it since last November when I saw it was available for sellers, this along with the Handmade category has enabled me to offer more personalised items without the hassle of chasing customers for details.

  2. We’ve been using Amazon Custom since November last year. We didn’t have to apply for it though so that must be a new feature.

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