Looking at the eBay Ireland seller release for Spring 2018

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The eBay Spring Seller Release in the UK and elsewhere is always big news for eBay merchants and 2018 is not much different. You can read up fully on the news and developments that are coming for all sellers on Tamebay and a good start is our summary page here. But what about eBay Ireland? We have plenty of Irish readers, hello there, and there have been announced changes specifically for Irish sellers too.

eBay Ireland has made an announcement about the changes coming here.

The major difference between what’s happening on eBay in the UK and eBay Ireland regard Shop fees. The Anchor Shop tariff isn’t increasing as in the UK and the US. Otherwise, the changes are almost entirely congruent. How many sellers exclusively trade eBay Ireland, we wonder? Not many, we venture. But we’re happy to be told we’re wrong.

And when considering any question regarding eBay Ireland, it is always worth returning to assumptions and asking questions. Is there much point in maintaining an independent eBay Ireland at all? Is it thriving? Don’t most Irish eBayers use eBay UK anyway? Does the Irish marketplace have a distinct identity? (And none of those questions are anti-Irish: this Tamebay editor holds Irish citizenship. And he’s jolly happy about that post-Brexit.)

eBay has never invested heavily in the native marketplace itself, despite having significant facilities and stacks of employees in both Dundalk and Dublin in the Irish Republic.

It seems to us that eBay Ireland may yet become a very useful portal. After all, post-Brexit, an English language marketplace, where goods can be easily listed in English and Euros might be rather attractive. And, assuming that the land border between North and South remains porous, then having a base in Northern Ireland will be a sexy option for UK firms who want to export easily to the EU. (Assuming that the Brexit deal with the UK and the EU permits.)

What are your experiences of using eBay Ireland?

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  1. As a shopper, I think you’re right, most purchases on eBay are from UK sellers as the online seller market is so small here – no range unlike eBay UK.

    Yet like the British, we’re a nation of traders. So where are the sellers and buyers?

    Donedeal is a very popular Irish site (dwarfing eBay Ireland), a possible acquisition for eBay maybe. Also, ParcelMotel is a popular service for getting delivery here via Northern Ireland as so many UK sellers A. do not export still (really?) or B. charge too much even for small packets yet give free UK delivery so a third party at €4 makes sense (opportunity?)

    Bottom line, size matters.


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