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Merchants scaling their businesses and looking for exponential growth will be selling on overseas marketplaces. If that’s you then there are three things to consider to maximise your returns:

  1. Is there demand for the products you supply in the territories you are considering;
  2. Do you have logistics solutions in place to ship the product and handle returns;
  3. How do you get paid from consumers using a foreign currency.

If you have the first two figured out then the WorldFirst World Account is an ideal solution to assist repatriating payments with significant cost savings compared to the marketplace’s own offerings as well as making payments to overseas suppliers.

We spoke to WorldFirst to find out more about the World Account:

Who are WorldFirst?

We’re WorldFirst, experts in moving money around the world. As a fast growing FinTech business, we specialise in making it easier, cheaper and faster for people and businesses with global ambitions to manage their money around the world. We combine industry-leading technology with award-winning customer service and have helped over 150,000 people, small businesses and online sellers transfer over £70bn since 2004. Our clients never stop. And neither do we.

What is the World Account?

Through World Account, businesses – large or small – can quickly open multiple international currency accounts in GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, JPY, AUD and NZD free of charge as well as make payments in scores of others. All currency accounts can then be accessed and managed online or through our brand new app using one single sign-on. This is international banking as it should be.

What type of seller should be interested?

Calling all global businesses! So, if your business regularly receives payments in different currencies from overseas customers or makes payments in different currencies to international suppliers then the World Account is for you. World Account makes it easier, cheaper and faster to manage those relationships. We support sellers on most online marketplaces from Amazon to Zalando.

What makes the World Account unique?

World Account makes it easier, cheaper and faster to do business around the world.


With World Account, it’s never been easier to open bank accounts in different currencies – you can choose from GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, JPY, AUD and NZD. Crucially, each account is unique to you and comes with its own account details such as BIC, SWIFT, IBAN, etc.


It is free to open a World Account and there are no regular service charges or hidden fees. There is no maximum transfer or deposit limits either. And when you do come to make an international payment, you can do so knowing that you’ll be getting a great WorldFirst FX rate too.


World Account makes the process of international banking faster too. That means that it’s faster to get started, faster to open international currency accounts and faster to send money around. We’re making it faster to do business around the world.

What do I get started?

Sign up here for a World Account here and start enjoying international banking the way it should be.


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