Amazon Delivery Service Partner program recruiting thousands of drivers

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It’s been known for a long time that Amazon Logistics contracts local private couriers to perform last mile deliveries for marketplace, including supplying the tech in the form of handheld devices to ensure tracking is uploaded and delivery location images and signatures are captured. Now Amazon have announced a drive in the US to recruit hundreds of new entrepreneurs to start businesses delivering Amazon packages in a new Amazon Delivery Service Partner program.

Amazon will take an active role in helping interested entrepreneurs start, set up and manage their own delivery business. The say that successful owners can earn as much as $300,000 in annual profit operating a fleet of up to 40 delivery vehicles. The aim is to recruit hundreds of new, small business owners to hire tens of thousands of delivery drivers across the US.

Amazon’s proposition is that individual owners can build their business knowing they will have delivery volume from Amazon, access to the company’s sophisticated delivery technology, hands-on training, and discounts on a suite of assets and services, including vehicle leases and comprehensive insurance.

The offering provides technology and operational support to individuals with little to no logistics experience the opportunity to run their own delivery business. To help keep startup costs as low as $10,000, entrepreneurs will also have access to a variety of exclusively negotiated discounts on important resources they’ll need to operate a delivery business. The deals are available on Amazon-branded vehicles customized for delivery, branded uniforms, fuel, comprehensive insurance coverage, and more.

“We have great partners in our traditional carriers and it’s exciting to continue to see the logistics industry grow. Customer demand is higher than ever and we have a need to build more capacity. As we evaluated how to support our growth, we went back to our roots to share the opportunity with small-and-medium-sized businesses. We are going to empower new, small businesses to form in order to take advantage of the growing opportunity in e-commerce package delivery.”
– Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president of worldwide operations

5 Responses

  1. So each vehicle has a max profitability of $7,500 per year? Wow , a few nails in the tires and an increase in fuel prices will eat that up in no time.

  2. This sounds very interesting but when are they going to do this in England
    This should follow very soon

  3. Since Amazon is a brand name by itself therefore it will be my great pleasure if you give an opportunity to be associated with you to support the logistics support for delivery of your products in whole region of north east (India) since i belong from north east India Guwahati City the gateway of NorthEast, thus it will be my utmost priority to fulfill timely delivery.
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  4. Old news. Other carriers have been offering these “exclusive” deals for years. Branded vans and uniforms, discounts on van leases, insurances etc. The drivers end up earning a pittance. £300,000 profit on 40 vans? That’s less than £10,000 a van profit and I doubt that’s even accurate. Sounds like a joke to me. I suppose there’ll be thousands of desperate people signing up. Desperate people do desperate things, one of the first they do, is lose all their money. Steer clear of this “opportunity”

  5. Personally, I feel Amazon should get their currant service levels and systems in place and running correctly before enticing their own couriers to take on a franchise type opportunity. Example, have you ever managed to track a parcel like they tell you to via the tracking number!! Do they require a signature from the customer, if yes then why when there is a delivery it is headed to you but the driver walks away before you sign for it but you get a message saying signed by customer!! There is no option on the app to leave your parcel where you want to leave it, plenty of options but you can not enter your option!! We have numerous different drivers deliver at different times during the day, WHY AND HOW IS THIS SUSTAINABLE, does their technology not know when there are multiple parcels for the same address and it would be better for the green footprint if we only had one driver delivering three parcels all at one go, and that would mean we would not have to wait in all day for three drivers. The way they run at the moment I guess there are multiple couriers delivering for them which is I suspect we have multiple drivers, this surley is not the way forward for fresh entrapanures trying to survive in this business when they see a different courier delivering in the same street a parcel that they could of taken. Anybody taking this on should try to imagine multiple streets, multiple premium time slots that must be delivered by that time or before ,12 or 10.30 etc now depending how many of them you have verses that area you will have to cover will conflict in respect of you will probably have to return to the same street later that day to deliver the non timed premiums, at your fuel cost. Hopefully Amazon will run these rounds alot different than they do now and have the same driver in one area rather than multiple, people like to see their regular driver and not how it is now a different one every day.


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