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3DSellers are a company almost as old as Tamebay founded by an eBay seller and run to help eBay sellers grow their businesses. They offer a vast array of tools and while many companies claim their solution is unique, 3DSellers really do have some services which just aren’t on offer in an easy to access package anywhere else.

We spoke to Alex Flom, CEO and Founder of 3Dsellers, to find out more:

Who are 3DSellers?

Alex Flom 3DSellersAlex Flom is an eBay seller since 2008 and back then, there weren’t many tools that would help increase sales. Since he had programming experience, he decided to develop tools that would help him grow his eBay business and the first app he created was a social sharing button for listings called, “Share Your Items”.

By 2010, Alex realised he could create apps that would help other eBay sellers enhance their businesses and stand out from competition. 3Dsellers quickly became the biggest app provider for eBay and today, we a team of 15 developers, designers, product, marketing and customer success managers all working together to bring real value to eBay sellers.

What do you do?

In the past 8 years, eBay sellers have been using 3Dsellers apps to help run their businesses and we’ve been getting amazing feedback. We grew by offering free tools in order to learn from eBay sellers which tools were most effective, particularly to large-scale sellers. After gathering enough data and feedback, we’ve hand-picked the best tools that prove to elevate the potential for all eBay sellers. We worked hard upgrading these tools even further and now we combined them into a unified platform to provide all the needed tools for eBay sellers and boost their sales.

What tools do you offer?

Today, we offer 7 tools (and counting!) that cover design, communication and social marketing aspects of selling on eBay:

Listing Designer

Powerful templates designed by the world’s best eCommerce designers that include cross-promotional categories within each template. 100% mobile responsive and always up-to-date with eBay’s latest policy changes.

Feedback Reminder

Our most valued tool due to its instant results of raising eBay feedback score and thus, allowing to appear at the top of eBay search results. The only feedback reminder tool in the market that sends messages via eBay’s messaging system.

ThankYou Emails

Builds customer loyalty and drives repeat sales. All templates include cross product promotions, which raise sales by 30%.

Facebook Store

Fully syncs all eBay listings onto a Facebook Page in 1 click. All products automatically redirect to eBay once clicked. Increases social reach and traffic.

PDF Catalog

Creates a comprehensive catalog of all eBay listings in seconds. Fully customizable and can be organised by categories. All products automatically redirect to eBay once clicked. Great for social sharing.

Video Maker

A marketing superpower that creates promotional videos avoiding production costs. Very easy-to-use templates are create for short product videos, discount announcements and store showcase.

Store Designer

Stunning store design templates, fully responsive and active content-free. A great advantage to stand out from other sellers for as long as 2 additional years post eBay custom design prohibition.

How can your tools help me grow your sales?

3Dsellers is already aiding over 200,000 users to grow their eBay businesses. Most of our users remain long-term customers because we continuously help them increase sales. Our cross-sell features alone bring a significant boost by keeping customers within sellers’ items. Listing Designer doubles the total number of sales for many of our users and the ThankYou Emails increase repeat business by as much as 30% in addition to creating long-term customer relations.

What makes 3DSellers Unique?

3Dsellers is unique to the fact that it’s the only platform in the market that offers such variety of effective tools for eBay sellers under one dashboard. Some of our tools are not even offered by other eBay solution providers, such as PDF catalog and the Video Maker. Both great marketing tools that create professional presence and increases social reach.

How much does it cost

All our new users can benefit from 3Dsellers Free Forever Plan that include full functionality of our ThankYou Emails, up to 30 designs with the Listing Designer, and basic features of the PDF Catalog. Many sellers outgrow the Free Plan quickly so we recommend upgrading to the Pro Plan, which unlocks all our tools. We keep the cost of the Pro Plan as low as we can so we made it dependant on the amount of active listings, ranging between $9-$69 per month. Additionally, every user has an opportunity to try the Pro Plan with a 7-day free trial.

What is the future for 3DSellers?

We strive to continue bringing value to eBay sellers by consistently improving and upgrading our existing tools. Most recently, we’ve upgraded the Feedback Reminder with an analytics dashboard, feedback alert, smart blacklisting and more and we have many more plans for all our existing features. Moreover, we have a dedicated team that is already developing additional tools to add to our platform. Our continuous engagement with eBay sellers teaches us about current trends, demands and issues allowing us to look for additional solutions.

What should I do next?

Join thousands of successful eBay sellers and start boosting your sales and enhancing your eBay business today.

Create a Free Forever account to try out some of our tools or start a Free Trial of the Pro Plan and unleash the full potential of 3Dsellers.

All Tamebay readers can benefit from a 20% discount on the Pro Plan. Simple use code: TAMEBAY

Get ready to sell more!

Have any questions?

Visit our website to learn more or ask any further questions about the platform – we have a live chat!

Connect with us on social media:


Email us directly at [email protected]

4 Responses

  1. Pricing: unless I sign up I don’t get to see the cost, I do wish some companies would be a bit more transparent.

  2. Tyler, 3Dsellers wants to offer Pro Tools to everyone and we believe that sellers with fewer sales shouldn’t have to pay the same price as big scale ones, managing thousands of listings! I work at 3Dsellers and this is how the process works:

    1. You create a completely free account with all Pro Tools unlocked (no credit card required)
    2. Your price is automatically calculated according to the number of your active listings
    3. After 7 days of using all the Pro Tools, you can decide to either remain Pro or downgrade to a Forever Free plan.

    I hope my answer is clear and transparent 🙂 but if you do have more questions please contact our support team at [email protected].

  3. Looses a little credibility with us when they offer a feedback reminder tool
    Our experiance tells us feedback reminder at best annoys buyers even worse
    reminds them they were unhappy with the product or service


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