Royal Mail continue to monitor after Click & Drop outage

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Royal Mail said this morning that they are continuing to monitor the Click & Drop service which was experiencing issues yesterday affecting page loading times and the speed of order imports. The Click & Drop outage was acknowledged by Royal Mail at 9.22am with normal service starting to return announced at 17.14pm, long after most retailers normal Royal Mail collection time.

The site was pretty much down for the entire day preventing many merchants from shipping orders sold over the weekend. Royal Mail say that they saw the site return to normal service around 17:15pm but were aware that some customers were still experiencing some issues.

This morning Royal Mail announced that they are continuing to monitor for any further issues.

Royal Mail statement on Click & Drop outage

“Royal Mail is very sorry that an intermittent technical fault has been impacting a number of Click & Drop customers throughout the day. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to impacted customers, and we are working hard to restore normal service as quickly as possible.”
– A spokesperson for Royal Mail

Whilst we regularly hear reports that Click & Drop can run slowly at times, it’s unusual for it to fail for an entire day. As the latest update from Royal Mail says that they are continuing to work with their partners to investigate the problems some customers encountered with Click & Drop yesterday, it would suggest it may have been a partner who inadvertently impacted the service.

If Click & Drop is working today for you, then it’s likely to a busy day with all orders from Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday as well as any sales that come in this morning.

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  1. Just logged onto click and drop and got this message.
    I can just imagine a company with 500 or 1000 packets or parcels at the post office counter.

    Published Date:25/06/2018 16:22
    From:Click & Drop Support
    Subject:System issues 25/06
    To all of our customers,
    On behalf of everyone at Click & Drop, we sincerely apologise for the issues that some of you have experienced today as a result of ongoing technical difficulties.
    Our team have been working with Microsoft throughout the day to address the issues, and we are now seeing a return to normal service.
    If you are still unable to produce your labels through Click & Drop, we do recommend taking your mail to a Post Office.
    We are treating this with the highest priority, and we fully understand and appreciate the severity of these issues.

  2. If they “fully understand and appreciate the severity of these issues” then they wouldn’t be recommending just popping along to the post office as an alternative.

    If you have high enough parcel volume (ie more than one person could carry in a single trip) it’s not really an option, is it. Can you imagine doing 100+ parcels in a town centre post office, full of closed service windows and brainnumb cashiers processing your parcels one at a time, asking for each, if it is anything dangerous such as an aerosol & would you like signed for?

    Then there is the issue of price. Not a big jump when it is a large letter under 100g, but a RM48 parcel under 2kg can double in price if it changes to a 2nd class medium parcel. And there is the loss of average weight pricing too. What would all that add to your bill for the day and how much of a dent would it make in your profit?

    If they were serious, they would bring back DMO as the back up option for days like Monday. It might have been the first time CnD has crashed for the whole day, but it’s not the first time there has been a significant outage like it. Several times it has been down in the morning, leaving a mad afternoon of packing, or crashed towards the end of the day, to make manifesting impossible.

  3. I don’t know why RM CnDrop was not referring people to the Emergency booking form or just suggesting going back to OBA.
    At least if you had the facility for printing labels via export or whatever, then customers might have been able to print ppi labels and at least get some dispatch.

    My RM account manager said about using the Emergency form, but it’s just the same as OBA but more long winded, IMO.

  4. Very broken just now. Payments being marked as failed when they are actually complete on Paypal. So, labels can’t be printed, but money has been taken.

    Now trying to process by putting in two or three items at a time by import, and two batches worked. Third batch failed. Quite hopeless. Trying one by one now, so that’s the rest of afternoon wasted for one staff member.

    This happened on June 5th – ten days to get refund, but fairly quickly responded to.
    Again on June 18th – no refund yet, nor response to three emails querying the situation. Just opened a paypal claim to get some attention.
    Now twice today (so far), June 26th. Out of pocket about £125 just today alone.

    And of course no-one can help, no idea at all, basically polite(ish) brain dead staff.


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