Amazon Prime Day rush for deals causes website wobble

Not even the mightiest player in commerce is immune to the occasional tech glitch. And it looks like demand on Amazon Prime Day 2018 got the better of the ecommerce giant as the USA came online from coast-to-coast and Americans were looking for deals from East to West as noon struck, marking the official start of the promo event. (Regardless of where you are in the world, it kicks off at 12 midday local time.)

This evening Amazon confirmed on Twitter to its 2.81 million followers that it had experienced some difficulties. It was cagey on exact details but here’s is what they said just a few hours ago:

But, suffice to say, it’s positive that they’ve acknowledged the problem publicly and swiftly and it doesn’t appear to be a universal glitch. As they note, plenty of people have been able to successfully shop on the Amazon marketplace today and the initial numbers they have revealed do indeed look very encouraging. Amazon is usually creditably diligent about reporting that it is having technical difficulties, and this Prime Day has proved exception, which is surely to their credit.

There’s still plenty of time still remaining too for the Prime Day excitement and buying to continue around the globe. And the action has only started on the West Coast of the USA in the past few hours in what is a global promotion.

It doesn’t seem that the UK marketplace has been impacted or negatively affected in any very dramatic fashion by downtime that has obviously hampered shoppers. But do please let us know whether you’ve seen or experienced any problems on the Amazon website today as a result of technical issues and how that might have affected your shopping or selling.

But in any case, it looks like this Amazon Prime Day is set to break some records. We’ll keep you posted.

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Gave up trying to order tonight - prices were discounted in basket but going through to check out it all changed back to original prices - waste of 2 hours!!

Christine Chaplin • 17th July 2018 •