eBay UK launches another 20% off coupon for shoppers

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Another eBay UK buyer promotion is underway and being trailed widely. The checkout code POSE20 will get you a 20% discount with 23 selected sellers. This coupon was valid from 10:00am BST on 30th July and is useable until 23:59pm on the 2nd August 2018.

Shoppers need to spend more than a tenner to redeem the coupon, the maximum discount is £100, but it can be used twice. You can peruse the full Ts & Cs here. And on that page you can also discover the list of merchants who you are eligible to use the coupon with. It’s not all usual suspects from such a promo with names including: Hotpoint, Kitchenaid, mhstarukltd, Outdoortoy, domu-uk, branded_bedding, rarewaves-outlet, worldofbooks08, lingerieoutletstore, theprinthousechester and Eyesontoes

Looking at this promotion in an unabashed positive light using a merchant perspective, marketing that attracts buyers to eBay to shop is a good thing. This coupon has been widely marketed to eBay shoppers – via email, on the site through promotion and with other activities, including PR (it seems) – and the offer is attractive. And anything that puts eBay front of mind during the school holidays is a good thing.

The real hope with these promos must be that drawing people to eBay UK, either on the website or the app, is the start of a meandering journey that means the coupon is soon forgotten and shoppers end up buying other things they fancy from the wide selection offered by sellers. It does display a certain confidence in the eBay offering, if that is the approach. It’s just speculation but this halo affect does seem like a very possible benefit, even if it isn’t explicitly declared by eBay.

It would also be interesting to get a handle on the terms that merchants are getting for enjoying the benefits 0f being a part of this promotion. So, if you have any details, do leave a comment or you can drop us a note on the QT.

2 Responses

  1. My company was offered to do this and had to politely decline.

    The idea was that 10% discount came from eBay and 10% yourself, eBay front the whole 20% at first and then they invoice you for the 10% you were supposed to pay.

    Love that eBay are trying to get more visitors and doing this however most sellers cant have another 10% off their items as pricing are pricing so low on eBay anyway to be able to compete.

  2. Think they be better doing what they did in the States and just offering a £5 voucher into users accounts. You would get a lot of traffic and a lot more engaged also.

    The seller range is very limited, the one in our sectors stock was all 20 per cent above the going rate anyway. People can see through this.


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