Reputation Institute say UK’s most reputable retailer is Amazon

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If you’re still wondering if you should be selling on Amazon, or if you already are if you could live without Amazon, then the Reputation Institute has some interesting insights to share.

Amazon have been named the UK’s most reputable retailer by consumers, despite criticism over tax and working conditions. They were followed by Boots who beat John Lewis who came third in the 2018 UK Retail RepTrak®. eBay, although in themselves not a retailer, came in at number 10, whilst Sports Direct was voted the worst performing retailer.

The Reputation Institute research was based on 5,175 individual ratings from among the informed UK general public and based on an assessment of 50 nominated companies.

Named 2018’s UK Retail RepTrak® most Reputable Retailer, Amazon’s reputation has significantly improved since last year, boasting an +8.3 pts increase. The UK public voted Amazon as the top retailer across Products and Service, Innovation, Leadership, and Performance.

“Amazon’s combination of selection, value, personalization, and no hassle customer service is a winning formula. Amazon has a loyal following with more than 100 million Amazon Prime subscribers — ‘Prime Day’ sales have become a major retail event.

Despite their position of strength, Amazon is faced with reputation risk based on the proposed “Amazon tax” and growing criticism of working conditions in their vast distribution centres.”
– Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, Chief Reputation Officer, Reputation Institute

Whilst there are concerns over issues such as the amount of tax that Amazon pay and their distribution centre working conditions, the reality is that the public are by and large hooked on Amazon and when it comes down to ordering a product that you want delivered tomorrow, or perhaps today, Amazon is the default choice for millions of consumers.

As well as the convenience of Amazon, especially so for those with a Prime subscription, Amazon are fast becoming the de facto shopping research site for consumers. Even if they don’t buy on Amazon, consumers are starting their searches on the marketplace.

Amazon are also taking steps to manage their working condition reputation with Amazon Ambassadors and throwing open their warehouse doors with Amazon tours for the public.

Stephen Hahn-Griffiths warns that retailers who don’t prioritize ethically good values will inevitably see a reputational decline and whilst it’s certainly a danger for Amazon, when balanced against their service and convenience and when they want a product immediately, consumers instantly forget their ethical standards and press the buy button.

If you want to get your products in front of consumers than Amazon certainly isn’t the only place on the web that you’ll find them. eBay certainly have lots to say about why consumers should shop there and many consumers will start their search on Google and find you through your website. The fact remains however that an increasingly large percentage of the population are shopping on Amazon and if that’s a segment of consumers you want to attract then Amazon is where you need your products to be found.

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  1. I cannot access the report. It would be interesting to see if this report was open to all retailers and therefore provide access to everybody or to a restricted list.


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