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In the highly competitive online retail environment, the delivery options provided by retailers and merchants are a critical part of the purchase decision by the customer shopping on the website, therefore having a range of delivery options can support sales. Furthermore, as cross-border trade grows and consumers compare products on both domestic and overseas websites, providing a range of international delivery options becomes key for global retailers to compete with their domestic rivals.

So we spoke to wnDirect to find out all about the new wnDirect GO international parcels service.

What is wnDirect GO?

wnDirect GO is an international tracked postal solution specifically for parcels under 2kg. The service comes with basic tracking, a ‘signed-for’ option, and is designed to be a cost-effective alternative international postal service. It allows your business to send tracked lightweight items to over 200 ecommerce destinations worldwide. wnDirect Go is a cheaper option than our existing service (now called wnDirect PRONTO) that offers milestone tracking and streamlined communications and customer support.

We can integrate with a whole host of carrier management platforms including Scurri, Linnworks and Metapack. Or retailers can use our own wnLite dashboard to manage consignments. We also offer complete flexibility with printing labels and often work to unique requirements so merchants get the labels they need.

Giving retailers the ability to offer more choice to their customers about their delivery options has always been an integral part of our offering, and our new international tracked postal service, wnDirect GO, is the perfect addition to our portfolio, standing next to our established commercial eCommerce service now called wnDirect PRONTO. wnDirect GO offers retailers a reliable, cost-effective alternative for lightweight parcels and has been designed with eCommerce retailers in mind.
– Simon Batt, CEO, wnDirect

You can watch our video about wnDirect GO here:

What sort of merchant should use wnDirect GO?

We love working with retailers of all shapes and sizes and we have customers who use our services with small and large daily volumes. And wnDirect GO is particularly well suited to merchants who want to start selling internationally or aspire to sell more to customers overseas. It’s a cheaper alternative for lighter parcels, but similarly it could be handy for those who already have international volumes but usually send small parcels. It’s also about offering choice to the consumer because having more than one international delivery method attracts more consumers and helps prevent cart abandonment.

Why choose wnDirect Go

wnDirect GO is a new approach for us and the first time we’ve offered a postal service. We applied our usual flexibility to create a parcel solution that is honed for ecommerce retailers and marketplace merchants. Crucially, wnDirect Go is underpinned by our unique ethos and partnership approach to doing business. We’re known for our innovative thinking and approaching the international ecommerce distribution market differently.

One aspect of our partnership approach means we consider each customer’s needs individually. By understanding exactly what a retailer sells, how they operate, average parcel size and weights, consignment volumes we can create a unique package and ratecard for them.

How do I sign up for wnDirect GO?

You can find a wealth of information about wnDirect GO here.

Who are wnDirect?

wnDirect was born from the desire to improve the international cross-border delivery experience for ecommerce retailers. Everyone at wnDirect has a genuine enthusiasm for the business and is excited by the fact they are involved in something revolutionary. By combining significant logistics and retail experience we have a unique insight into international retailer’s needs; this is witnessed by the unique innovations wnDirect have created. The lure of the next big innovation we have yet to develop keeps us all motivated. We love to combine our young, flexible and entrepreneurial thinking with leading edge technological developments, to provide turn-key solutions which enable retailers to ‘switch on’ their global expansion plans.

6 Responses

  1. no up front prices to go on
    puts us right off
    cant be bothered to give our inside leg measurements TO GET A QUOTE

  2. Would have to agree with Northumbrian here… most of us here would already have various agreements or terms with an existing carrier in place for this to be even the slightest bit relevant.

    So why not provide us with some basic price/volume info so we can make a quick decision as to whether it’s worth the time and effort contacting you guys for a “proper” quote.

    Makes no sense to leave us in the blind completely.

  3. Not sure what the fuss is here. Surely it’s clear why they don’t display the prices to everyone? Because they will simply hear what you’re currently being charged and try to undercut it to get your business.

    They don’t want to offer prices lower than they should visible on the website, when they could make some extra profit by hearing out your individual case and undercutting.

    And you make out like there’s some effort on your part to pick the phone up and ‘give them your inside leg measurement’ Well.. if you can’t be bothered doing that to save thousands of pounds then you’re the one losing out

  4. I have contacted them after seeing this and they sent me a powerpoint presentation in email detailing the service but no mention of rates.

    It’s actually Asendia who is the carrier – as they mentioned Asendia in the slideshow. This did surprise me a bit because if I wanted to use Asendia I could have contacted them direct (I don’t want to use Asendia actually).

    In the email they request details of parcels/volumes/goods sent etc and so I provided that. I then get an email to say that my info is being passed to their “commercial team” and so far today, no further contact from them.

    So I think Northumbrian is correct – you do have to jump through hoops to get rates.

    And of course I still do not know that the rates are any good.

  5. So, I finally got the rates from wnDirect one week after requesting them.

    I was interested in what they could offer me to USA as that is a key territory for me and one I want to grow.

    My key weight is 240g (my average weight). They have offered me £5.14 for that weight band for a “semi-tracked” service (“Departed Origin Country/Arrived Destination Country etc) with delivery times of 6 – 16 days.

    Since I use etail-usa at the moment and their service is 4 -5 days, fully tracked via USPS and I only pay £3.79 with them for 240g I am struggling to see how I would take advantage of the new wnDirect Go product but worth reaching out to them to get the rates and service definition I guess.

    Maybe I don’t have the parcel volumes to get good rates from them, not sure.



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