Etsy is updating Listing Categories and Attributes

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Crafts and vintage marketplace Etsy has announced that it will be making changes to listing categories and attribute on the site. The changes are already in force and you can find the full information in the link below.

The main areas of development are in the categories related to weddings, drink & barware, pet and pet supplies, art & collectibles, electronics & accessories and slime & foam. This follows a slew of category changes that landed in August that were largely related to clothing verticals.

They say that the changes are determined by research they undertake into buyer and seller behaviour as well as retail trends beyond the marketplace. But user input is also important and on the announcement thread there are a multitude of new suggestions. If there are new categories that you want on Etsy then it is well worth adding your thoughts there.

In the post explaining the changes that are coming, usefully Etsy reiterates the value and importance of category choices in terms of improving the fundability of your products. As they say:

When you’re creating a listing, you assign it to the most specific category that fits your item. Shoppers can use categories to filter searches on Etsy and when they’re shopping using Etsy’s navigation menu. Categories also act as tags, helping us match your items with more relevant searches. You should select the categories that describe what your item is, not how it’s used or what it’s made for.
– Etsy

Whilst categories on eBay are increasingly becoming less and less important as the marketplace moves ever more towards a catalogue based format, on Etsy they remain absolutely vital. That’s because of the variety and uniqueness of the goods for sale there. So, if you are a merchant seller, these updates represent a valuable opportunity to make sure that your categories and attributes are working as hard as they possibly can for you.

One Response

  1. OMG, Etsy! Stop with the changes already!! It’s getting as bad as eBay back in 2008 and 2009 when the changes were so constant that people were leaving because they couldn’t even list new product for all the constant updating they were having to do.

    Now people are closing their shops because their sales have been so bad for the past year.


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