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Amazon are piloting an Amazon Day delivery option in the US. Rather than have your items delivered every day of the week, regular buyers can nominate a set day of the week to have all of their purchases delivered and add to their order throughout the week.

This is a signal that Amazon Prime buyers are prolific customers and builds on previous Amazon delivery options. It offers convenience for customers who perhaps work from home one day a week and the side benefit to Amazon is lower courier costs and savings on packaging. If you don’t like your packages being left out in the rain on the door step and don’t get on with your neighbours then this could be an ideal option for you.

Currently on Amazon there is an option to have multiple item orders held until they can be delivered together. There’s also a nominated day delivery option so in theory buyers can already opt to have orders delivered on a set day of the week. The real difference is that once you nominate your Amazon Day, it will appear as a delivery option alongside 2-day delivery and no rush delivery. Your Amazon Day, your default nominated day of the week, will be the same day each week so you can shop until your heart’s content and have a once a week bulk delivery.

Amazon spent almost $8.3 billion on fulfilment in the last quarter so even a small percentage of savings will add up to millions of dollars per year. Trimming packaging costs by putting multiple items into a single box or mailing bag will save pennies on each order but the real savings come from courier costs who will only deliver to an address once a week rather than practically daily.

Amazon Day is currently an invite only trial for Amazon Prime members shopping on Amazon.com. It won’t be a perfect solution as not all products are fulfilled by Amazon, but we have seen Amazon already direct Prime customers to orders Amazon fulfil even if they are a more expensive offer. It may be, in time, that Amazon direct merchants who self fulfil orders to also despatch for delivery on customers Amazon Day, adding complexity to their warehouse operations.

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  1. It is a good idea, overtime Amazon will probably refine delivery even further into time periods of the day either morning, afternoon or evening. Where with this a person can have all their parcels delivered on a set day and at a specific time period, morning, afternoon, evening.

    This will save Amazon money with regard to packaging, delivery and porch thefts.

  2. An obvious attempt by Amazon to reduce their ‘massive’ shipping overheads. The whole attraction to most people for Prime is to have a product within hours of ordering. For a small minority a planned delivery at a later date may work but I can’t see this being a prefered option for the masses.

  3. It also means people getting a little bit less for their monthly Prime fee!
    Bit more money into the Amazon coffers..

  4. I think some people shop too much…

    But, as others have said, the benefit of Prime is next day or even the same day, so why would people want to wait?


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