Hush Hush marketplace for mega rich launches

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The Hush Hush marketplace launched last week as a marketplace for the super rich with items for sale that only billionaires and lottery winners will even be able to contemplate. If you want to buy a jet, yacht or helicopter then Hush Hush is the place to go shopping, although if you’re after even more exclusivity then how about your own private island in the Florida Keys just off the Miami coast line? Cheaper alternatives still with eye watering prices includ diamond-encrusted watches, exclusive furniture and rare supercars.

The site offers free worldwide delivery (not sure how you’d deliver an Island?) as well as a concierge service once an offer has been placed. With a catalogue at launch of more than 200,000 luxury goods from all around the world, brought together in hand curated collections and categories, HushHush claim to be the largest collection of luxury goods and services available.

“We wanted to create the leading destination for millionaires and billionaires to buy the finest things in life, all conveniently on one website. The VIP concierge sector has grown massively in recent years, and the world’s most affluent consumers are increasingly turning to online marketplaces to source the goods they want.”
– Aaron Harpin, Founder & CEO

Issuing the somewhat absurd claim to the be the ‘Amazon for Millionaires’, Hush Hush are doing themselves a disservice. Amazon is the place that consumers to go shop for largely FMCG products and lifes essentials that they don’t want to have to wait to be delivered. Amazon isn’t a place where you shop for the unique and unusual – that’s what eBay is for. It’s also never a good idea to compare yourself to your competitor in marketing… if comparing yourself to the biggest western marketplace in the world is the best you can come up with then it’s probably time to get a new PR agency as you’ve already lost the PR war.

One of the most annoying things you’ll find as soon as you start browsing Hush Hush is their pop-up begging you to sign up to their newsletter and if you ignore it then you’ll likely to run into a full page interstitial ad covering the entire site. If you’re not a millionaire you’re probably not interested and if you are a millionaire then this type of marketing doesn’t shout ‘luxury’ and is simply getting in the way of the products you may actually want to buy.

Ultimately it’s a nice looking site which under the bonnet is running a bit of WordPress and WooCommerce. The site has some obvious glitches with embedded forms missing and even a bit of Lorem Ipsum text remaining. The curated selection of goods is great, but if you were a millionaire would that be enough to get you to bookmark the site and sign up for their marketing?

Currently there doesn’t appear to be a mechanism for listing on the Hush Hush marketplace, but as it’s such a heavily curated and exclusive collection it’s unlikely that most merchants will be pushing their entire product feed over. If you are interested then you contact the Hush Hush marketplace at [email protected]

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  1. we are aware of listings published on this website and would strongly advise anyone not to enquire about a property listing as we have not given authority for our listings to be marketed.

  2. Try putting their phone number – (064) 332-1233 – into Google and see how many results come up!

  3. Just looked a little further, seems the helicopters are the same thing, pulled from another site. Chris I think this looks like a very fishy/dodgywebsite.

  4. Hi there, this is Aaron from, firstly thank you for the mentions above. We are a relatively new luxury marketplace.

    Currently we are operating as an buyer representative for any leads and enquires from the website. We have a small but growing number of direct relationships and that is a big focus over the coming months.

    The chicken and egg of launching such a marketplace, we would welcome to work with you all now and overtime in the best ways that work for you to facilitate high value prospective buyers having a frictionless experience as possible..

    We have a very good team and investors behind and backing the business who have substantial online and digital experience.

    Happy to answer any questions or facilitate new relationships, we are committed to making the business and vision a success and really believe there is a need for a marketplace like ours for global HNW and UHNW buyers, across a spectrum of shopping and lifestyle categories.

    Please contact me at Aaron [email protected]

  5. Considering that you have “a very good team” one would think that you had at least a graphic designer hired. Pulling listings from other sites is one thing, but “borrowing” the name and logo and design – some may see it as something more serious.

  6. Outside of the prices, nothing about this site says ‘luxury’. Poor merchandising, poor browse experience, limited filtering options, terrible content, lack of curation…. Considering how much of luxury depends on the experience, I don’t see this site doing very well.

  7. Aaron – regretfully you did not contact us and simply stole our marketing material for listings – you are also not returning calls to me. You have been asked to remove our listings by close of play. We are very disappointed that you didn’t speak to us to ask permission.


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