What I’m looking forward to at ChannelAdvisor Connect?

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This year, for the first time I’ll be attending ChannelAdvisor Connect to listen and learn about the latest developments in the ecommerce industry.

Its tenth anniversary, formerly known as Catalyst, offers sellers an opportunity to get inspired from the most influential retail players shaping ecommerce today. Amongst these are speakers from DHL, Google and Department for International Trade. Sellers are invited to get inspired by the new solutions developed as a result of new trends, customer demands and changes in the market.

I will be attending the event with my colleague, Chris Dawson on the 15th of May at Kings Place, London. We will be taking a step back from our usual duties to enrich our ecommerce knowledge and discover what’s impacting retail and in which direction it’s moving. Here are the keynotes I’m particularly interested in attending:

What’s next for Amazon? Future trends brands and retailers can’t afford to ignore

I’ll be heading down to Track 1 at 12 pm to listen to ‘What’s next for Amazon? Future trends brands and retailers can’t afford to ignore’ keynote. Thijs Verhoef, marketplaces expert of Brandsom, Ondřej Hradec, head of ecommerce of Mascot Online and Miya Knights head of industry insight of Eagle Eye Solutions will take the stage to consider the future direction of one of the most disruptive players in the ecommerce. I’m keen on finding out more about the ripple effect Amazon’s future actions will create across the industry, from consumer expectations, supplier strategies and fulfilment development.

How to grow your business internationally via marketplaces

I’m excited about attending a whole keynote dedicated to expanding globally via marketplaces at 1:45 pm in Track 1. Trevor Ginn, founder of Hello Baby and Charlie Ruigrok, ecommerce advisor of Department for International Trade will take the lead to give merchants practical advice on moving beyond their base and scaling their businesses abroad.

Understanding today’s Empowered Consumer

Gregg Shupe, senior product marketing manager of ChannelAdvisor, will consider how merchants can deliver on ever-changing consumer expectations.  Gregg will discuss how upcoming trends across marketing, selling and fulfiling are changing to impact the consumer behaviour. He will also give practical advice on how can merchants stay competitive in a world of innovators and disruptors.

Above all,  I’m looking forward to pausing my editorial duties to take a broader view at ecommerce and catch up on the networking opportunities. Register here if you wish to attend.



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