‘Welcome to the age of Amazon:’ Michael Weinberg of Bringg

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Welcome to the age of Amazon,” is the phrase Michael Weinberg of Bringg used to describe the main distributor which created an exemplary delivery experience which sellers now have to either replicate or surpass.

Speaking at IRX 2019 yesterday, Michael began by saying that customer experience is all about delivery. He backed that by saying if a shopper receives a damaged item or a late delivery – sellers can consider that consumer to be lost to a competitor – as a delivery marks the final interaction between a seller and customer.

However, how can sellers improve their last mile offering? Michael says it’s all about honing the existing delivery experience. Merchants should improve operations starting from delivery transparency, control, options and convenience to the same day pick up from stores.

This also includes providing accurate ETA times and limiting the delivery slot to four hours as shoppers no longer accept longer delivery times. Optimising driver efficiency – having full control of fleets and drivers to improve their delivery route based on data insight. Real-time tracking for customers and businesses – having an ability to interact with drivers so that shoppers can send them delivery requests. Giving your customer a voice – allowing them to share feedback on their delivery experience and their expectations. Acting on data-driven insight – how much does it cost to deliver via fleet x and fleet y to save cost?

Michael ended his keynote by concluding that sellers should focus on enhancing their existing delivery offering which puts customers first.

2 Responses

  1. Another ridiculous company with an equally ridiculous name that the world doesn’t need!
    The quality of the final delivery is invariably down to the delivery company obviously.
    We use Royal Mail mostly, in our opinion the most reliable delivery company out there.
    And everyone knows them and what they do. With the 2D barcodes 99.9% of customers seem to be happy enough i.e. no complaints although we have one customer who has not received something apparently that RM confirm they have delivered. Mmmm, what to do?? Well, we’ll have to send another as the delivery companies are NEVER at fault are they and the customer genuinely hasn’t got it.
    I wouldn’t agree with Mr Weinberg that we have lost that customer – we have proved that we sent the item and proved that RM delivered it (through several e-mails with all the delivery codes etc). Our comms were rapid and thorough and the customer was kept informed about the enquiry. Professional. Unless she’s an idiot she will recognise a decent company to deal with. The delivery in this case was a mystery.
    These things happen occasionally. This is planet Earth where people live. People are good at making mistakes and being naughty i.e. stealing parcels! Magic also happens whereby parcels completely disappear.

  2. should be a law against delivery slots and time windows for delivery,
    parcel vans are a danger to other road users rampaging about trying to meet their time slots


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