Amazon 75% off storage fee discounts incentive for ‘Prime 1-day shipping’

Amazon US today announced a discounted storage fees incentive for sellers willing to use FBA and hold stock levels according to Amazon’s suggested levels which will make the products available to consumers with Prime 1-day shipping.

The move highlights Amazon’s transition to faster delivery promise in the US. Amazon are asking sellers to “make the most of Prime One-Day shipping.”

Amazon are offering merchants up to 75% off their FBA fees at Amazon fulfilment centres. Amazon are lowering fees to encourage sellers with popular products to put them into the FBA so that Amazon can ship them via Prime 1-day shipping. The move will see sellers’ on-demand stock strategically located closer to customers who’re more likely to purchase it.

Amazon say that to qualify for the promotion, sellers with “eligible products” would need to maintain the suggested inventory levels. Amazon merchants can find out which items are entitled for the incentive on this page.

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