Got a problem? Buy shares and go to the shareholder meeting

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Fed up with a marketplace? What do you do? We’ve all heard someone say buy some shares and turn up at the marketplace’s shareholder meeting to voice your concerns and that’s exactly what one lady did when she had a problem returning an item on Amazon.

An extreme measure no doubt, but standing up clutching the product she wanted to return she asked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos “Can you please return this for me?

Apparently she had attempted to unsuccessfully return the product four times so decided to go straight to the top and off she went to Amazon’s shareholder meeting taking the unwanted purchase with her.

Jeff Bezos wasn’t phased at all saying “Yes sure, we’ll help you with that right after the meeting. Hang around for a little bit and we’ll have someone come and help. We’ll get that return thing carried out. My apologies that you had to use this unusual venue to accomplish what should be a much simpler task. We’ll also look into the root cause of why that happened.

It might seem a very long answer for a simple return, but Jeff carried on talking to prevent the follow up comments from the lady that she was attempting to make and to roars of laughter Jeff ended with “Anyone else have anything that they need to return?“.

One has to wonder what went wrong that made a return on Amazon quite so difficult – Amazon really does make returns easy with a simple button to click for every order to request a return of one or all the items from that particular purchase.

This unusual circumstance is the first time we’ve ever heard of a consumer trying to return an item in person at a marketplace’s shareholder meeting. We don’t know if the lady purchased shares just so that she could attend or if she was already an Amazon shareholder but it does show how, if your willing to make the effort, you can always get your voice heard.

Watch the video below to see the Amazon shareholder meeting return request for yourself.

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  1. Credit where due – Bezos deftly handled that situation other CEO’s would have botched (can you imagine eBay’s Devin Wenig in the same situation… stumbling all over himself or frantically waving to his private security detail to remove the offender from the premises)? ?


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