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PriceSpy Vanessa KatsapasPriceSpy is a product and price comparison site which can get you exposure both in the UK and overseas and it’s free to list your online shop on.

With over 14 million users in Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK & Ireland, Italy, France, Poland and New Zealand and over 3,000 UK online shops already indexed, we asked PriceSpy’s Vanessa Katsapas to tell us more:

How PriceSpy can help e-retailers grow their market share

PriceSpy is a fully impartial price and product comparison service used by millions of consumers every month. It is available online and as an app and helps consumers discover, filter and compare nearly one million products. 

PriceSpy tracks over 3,000 UK stores nationwide, 38 million prices and over 850,000 products. The product-related price information, including price and stock status, is usually updated three to five times a day and every hour on Black Friday. PriceSpy lists products from an array of categories including computers, games & consoles, home & garden, beauty, toys and more.

What does PriceSpy do?

PriceSpy is a tool designed to help shoppers find the best deals online. Both the site and app include a whole host of useful tools, including price history and price prediction graphs.

PriceSpy can also help shoppers find out if they’re truly getting a good price during popular sales like Black Friday and Boxing Day. Using the price history tool, consumers can see if a product was hiked before the sale to artificially create a larger sales message. During Black Friday 2018 we found that this had happened to a fifth of the top 100 products.

Other PriceSpy features include:

Product search

Shoppers can search, filter, sort and compare items using product specifications. User ratings and comments are also displayed to inform purchases.

Overall cost

The lowest product price isn’t necessarily the best deal, PriceSpy also considers postage and packaging costs.

Product lists

Shoppers can create private or public lists, share and compare their lists and use them to calculate the lowest total price when buying multiple items.


Consumers can set up price alerts where they can receive a push notification or email when the price of an item has hit a specific cost or if it has dropped in price at all.

Barcode scanner

The mobile app also includes a barcode scanner which allows shoppers to scan items instore and instantly see if the item is cheaper online.

What is your reach?

PriceSpy started out in 2002, as a small hobby activity in Ängelholm, Sweden. Today, it is a global team of more than 230 people helping consumers make the best online purchase decisions.

PriceSpy is part of the Schibsted Media Group and now has a presence in Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK & Ireland, Italy, France, Poland and New Zealand. With plans for further expansion. PriceSpy has 14 million global users.

PriceSpy launched in the UK in 2015 and has around three million active UK users of people looking for a good deal when shopping online.

How does PriceSpy make money?

PriceSpy makes money by partnering with retailers to feature their store on the site. PriceSpy uses a cost per click (CPC) model and a cost per acquisition (CPA) model, working with the retailers to use what is best for them. PriceSpy has either direct contracts with retailers or utilises existing affiliate networks.

Retailers that PriceSpy has a commercial relationship with are displayed with their own logos in our price lists. They also have an option to write a short description of their store to appear on PriceSpy.

No fees or additional costs are added to the products listed on PriceSpy. Consumers will get the same price on our site that they’ll see when visiting any e-retailer directly.
Furthermore, PriceSpy doesn’t just list the retailers it has a relationship, our platform is updated by a feed of all retailers and lists are sorted purely in overall price order, from the lowest to the highest.

How does reporting work?

Retailers can log in to the backend to check clicks they have received.

As a retailer, how do I sign up to PriceSpy?

Retailers can register their store for free with PriceSpy for it to be listed on the site using our quick and easy online form. We keep the barrier to entry quite low so even small retailers can benefit from exposure on PriceSpy – without committing upfront capital.

Retailers are often interested in PriceSpy because of its international exposure. For instance, retailers that offer international shipping options can be added to the ‘international’ listing in our other markets. Such as France or Sweden.

Furthermore, 57 percent of our users have admitted they use PriceSpy to choose what retailer to buy from. PriceSpy displays vast quantities of product information and encourages retailers to be upfront about their shipping options, returns policy and customer service. These are often key reasons consumers buy from a retailer.

As a retailer, how can I optimise my presence on PriceSpy?

Being a ‘featured shop’ will increase the retailer’s visibility on our price lists and boost traffic to its retail site. Being a featured store on PriceSpy gives retailers access to several smart functions, including PriceSpy analytics. This allows retailers to gain insight into which products are performing best and at what prices as well as how competitors are pricing their products.

As a featured shop, retailers can also:

  • Display their logo on PriceSpy’s product lists
  • Write a short biography to entice shoppers
  • Enable users to click directly from the product lists to their shop
  • Analyse their clicks through the ‘PriceSpy Analytics’ tool and monitor the wider market
  • Display a ’Cheapest on PriceSpy’ symbol next to their logo when they offer the cheapest price for a product

What sets PriceSpy apart from its competitors?

PriceSpy’s USP is its price forecast feature, which uses Artificial Intelligence to predict future prices based on historical price information that it has collected, analysed and drawn conclusions from. Using this research tool, PriceSpy gives shoppers the ability to research new products and decide the best time in the future to buy.  The price forecast feature will be rolled out to our app in a few months’ time.

In contrast to other price comparison services – including Google Shopping – PriceSpy is fully impartial and lists both shops that pay a fee as well as shops that don’t pay anything.

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