eBay launch new eBay seller protection for Top Rated Sellers

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At eBay Open, eBay have announced new actions they are taking with regard to eBay seller protection. For Top Rated Sellers located in the US who offer 30-day returns, eBay there are two new financial protections. The new eBay seller protection will be live in the US on the 1st of October 2019.

“Our sellers have told us that we need to do more to have their backs when they do everything right but something still goes wrong. We’re committed to making significant investments in protecting our sellers and I’m delighted that today we’re announcing these new protections.”
– Wendy Jones, Senior Vice President, Global Operations, eBay

New eBay seller protection for Top Rated Sellers

eBay will issue a seller invoice credit to cover return label cost if a buyer makes a false “item not as described” claim.

  • Report the buyer when you issue the refund through the eBay returns flow
  • You will receive a credit on your invoice for the amount of the return shipping cost up to $6
  • eBay will automatically remove any feedback, defects, and open cases in service metrics

Partial Refunds for damaged returns

eBay will now allow Top Rated Sellers to issue partial refunds for all items that are returned damaged.

  • Recover the cost of the decreased value of the item
  • Give refunds based on the condition of the item — you can deduct up to 50%
  • We’ll remove feedback and defects and eBay will take care of any remaining issues with the buyer

How to qualify

  • Be a Top Rated Seller
  • Offer 30-day returns
  • Reside in the US
  • List your item on ebay.com and you are protected whether you ship the item to a buyer in the US or internationally

91 Responses

  1. As if you can trust anything eBay says? They always say a lot of “things” but they don’t follow through and nothing changes. This is lip service trying to reel in more sellers they can use for money and pandering to their Wall Street masters. The truth doesn’t have anything to do with what eBay says.

  2. What a load of crap. If the buyer makes a false claim we should be able to tell them to f off and deduct up to 100% of the item. At the end of the day a false claim is FRAUD so the buyer should get nothing.

    Most items that are returned in poor condition are not in resellable condition anyway, certainly not for 50% of the price which is often the level for a decent used items. We also lose the outgoing “free” shipping costs which can often be quite high, especially if you sell internationally.

    I knew this was coming. I’m in the UK so we’ll have to wait a little longer but everything I’ve said would happen has happened so far – free shipping is now often unsustainable; shipping costs have more than doubled since it was introduced whilst item prices are often less than they used to be. Returns have increased since Managed Returns was introduced, and false claims make up almost all of them. WE don’t get any of this nonsense on the website which is proof enough for me that eBay have got it wrong.

    In a survey we did last year MORE THAN 94% of items that were returned, were returned in a less-than-new, and often damaged condition despite buyers/scammers claiming there were in new condition. We even got one £180 item switched, and a completely different broken item was sent back and we still lost the case. Wise up eBay, 30-day returns, which will eventually be compulsory, just means items come back battered and we need proper protection, not just a few token gestures that have the scammers laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. There is no seller protection on eBay full stop. We have never, in 20 years on the platform, had eBay step in and protect us in any way shape or form, even when it can be categorically proven that we are being scammed.

  4. I have long been critical of ebay’s indifference to seller issues but I think this is a helpful step in the right direction. Let’s see how it goes.

  5. Dave P, that almost exactly reflects our experience word for word. We knew returns would go up once Managed Returns were brought in and they have increased x4, despite falling sales.

    Our figure for items returned in perfect working order but claimed to be defective is also 94%, so that’s three of us here that experience the same issue.

    So what we have had in recent years is:
    – Managed Returns increasing the number of returns
    – Forced payment of return costs through buyers fraudulently claiming faults
    – The ability to deduct outgoing postage costs for any reason
    – Effectively forced to offer free shipping or take a hit in listing position
    – £10 fee hike for ebay shops which is exchanged for overpriced packaging we don’t want
    – Promoted listings adding, in our main category, another 8% selling fee on top of the FVF (which means you’re losing yet more sales to those who pay it unless you join in)
    – 90 day returns on the horizon.

    So we’re now expected to pay listing and FVF fees, promoted listing fees, outgoing postage and packing, return postage, accept returns for 30+ days and little redress when the stuff comes back battered. On top of all our usual operating costs and taxes. And eBay wonder why sellers are leaving in droves?

  6. @ Alan Paterson:
    One of THE most stupid comments about any sort of issue like this is words to the effect of “if you don’t like it why don’t you get out?”. Why? Because it should be obvious that, in this case, many people are trusting eBay for at least part of their income and you can’t just walk away. It’ like saying to somebody who doesn’t like their job “Why don’t you just do a few hours a week then?”. It doesn’t work that way, it’s not that simple, and you don’t realise how bad the problems are until you’re busy and established and it dawns on you that’ you’re dealing with these issues every day.

    Don’t you understand that if many sellers are continuously posting about their problems and experienced on ebay then there must be some substance to those complaints? Are are we supposed to shut up and put up with it, bury our heads in the sand and pretend it doesn’t matter, because that’s what you appear to do, or at least expect everybody else to do.

    You don’t accept there are serious problems because you don’t see them so you want everybody else to pretend they don’t exist. You get very upset whenever anybody is dissing your precious ebay. Burying your head in the sand when there are problems never built any business, dealing with them effectively on the other hand does make a difference.

    And therein lies the crux of the problem. Ebay don’t deal with these issues effectively. Take this issue for example. Ebay’s “positive initiative” is to push everybody into accepting 30 day returns to give them more protection. Sorry but that is absurd. That protection should be what sellers should be able to expect full stop, not “if you offer 30 day returns”.

    If ebay are trying to fix these problems then the reality is they’re doing a shocking job of it. It wouldn’t for example, be a major stretch to employ software that automatically highlights buyers who are making repeated claims or leaving a string of negative feedback. If people are getting away with dozens of claims with no repercussions then ebay are failing. In my opinion they’re taking a considerable sum of money from their customers, the sellers, and those sellers have a fundamental right to be protected. Instead we get this “ebay Money Back Guarantee which is really a seller money back guarantee as it’s usually the seller who is funding it whether they like it or not.

    If the platform fails it will absolutely be ebay’s fault, for not addressing or taking seriously enough these issues that have plagued the platform for over two decades.

    “if everyone used the platform honestly there would be need for protection in the first place!” – Absolutely. But that’s not the real world is it, and ebay need to understand and accept that rather than just sucking up the profits and leaving sellers to fend for themselves when it comes to handing back money to scammy buyers. It’s absolutely ebay’s fault, because if they had clamped down on these things it would not be as bad as it is now.

    Do you think that if this was eBay selling their own goods that they would allow themselves to be scammed every second? Do you honestly believe that they would simply hand over money to those who send back an empty box? This is ebay’s platform and it is, or should be, ebay’s problem.
    You cannot simply keep defending them because they can’t, or won’t deal with the problem effectively. If anything they’re actually DRIVING the problem and making it worse, because if they didn’t make it so easy for the scammers there would be considerably less of them.

    The day ebay properly protect us I’ll be the first to praise them for it, but sadly I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime.

  7. alan paterson says “Ebay are just the platform”. Copied right out of every eBay cheerleader’s handbook and exactly what eBay itself tells everyone who has issues with them. Total cop-out BS of which eBay are experts. There’s those like alan all over the net wherever there’s negative comments about eBay. All the same. They don’t even acknowledge anyone else’s issues and always claim they’ve never seen or experienced any of it. What’s especially annoying about alan is the holier-than-thou attitude. Every thread he participates in turns into a sh*tshow.

  8. if we you dont like the food or service in restaurant ,we dont try to change the chef or the menu ,we eat elsewhere

  9. @1st mobile
    the very fact you have built up a business on ebay
    proves that the tools buyers and opportunity are provided by ebay, in the first place
    rather than blame ebay ,try looking in the mirror for answers and solutions ,

  10. we know issues and problems exist with ebay they are far from perfect we suffer the same as anyone
    but it works for us we make money,thats why we are in business
    other peoples business problems our not our concern

  11. @ Alan, you were entertained but it’s no laughing matter pal. If you expect anybody to have a positive attitude about being ripped off every five minutes you have serious problems.

    “if a buyer abuses a return – that’s not bays fault. you get that anywhere. its called selling online.” – did you miss the part where we said we don;t get those problems on the website or don’t you have an answer for that?

    #ebay are taking measures to help” – you mean push sellers to accept 30 day returns then they’ll do something about the problem? That’s called marketing pal, trying to make themselves look better. It should be offered to ALL sellers, not just those who are willing to lose even more money by offering 30 day returns. And even this has taken over 2 decades.

    People who have left 50+ negative feedbacks for items not received should It’s not our job to police their site, simply because they won’t pay their own staff to do it. There are no excuses. It’s not our job to police their website.

    Simply because we’re making a living on ebay does NOT mean we should just put up and shut up. We pay thousands of pounds a year for the privilege of selling on ebay and I believe we have a right to some serious protection. All this BS about it’s not ebay’s fault, of course it’s ebay’s fault when they let scammers place order after order after order and do nothing. Or they take the side of a buyer with one feedback against a seller who has 10k+ feedback. There are times where they have found in the buyer’s favour which would be laughed out of court.

    Just today we appealed a neutral feedback and defect for an item not received after Paypal had withheld the funds and obviously told us not to send the item. Ebay’s decision? There was no tracking information to say the item had been delivered, aCOMPLETELY ignoring the fact that it hadn’t been sent, and why. this is the level if “customer service” we have to put up with. If we offered a similar level to our customers ebay would be chastising us about it. It’s pathetic.

  12. its not that I am ignorant to these problems – its the ignorant sellers blaming ebay for it. If a buyer rips you off its not ebays fault. as you can see form the article by Chris – ebay are trying to help with these issues.

  13. @ Alan; and I’m not your buddy. In fat you don’t appear to have any. You’re so far removed from the issue it beggars belief.

    “its not that I am ignorant to these problems – its the ignorant sellers blaming ebay for it. If a buyer rips you off its not ebays fault.”

    That sentence alone shows how far away you are from reality. If the site is attracting scammers and ebay do very little about it then of course it’s their fault. If a buyer sends back an empty box and ebay refund them THEN WHO THE HELL’S FAULT IS THAT IF NOT EBAYS? Jesus wept, it’s not rocket science, even somebody with their head in the sand as deep as you have should be able to fathom that much.

    Dav is absolutely spot on, you don’t acknowledge the facts, you couldn’t answer why we don’t get issues on the website like we get on eBay. Similar products and prices, same terms, same payment processors, the only difference between the two is ebay are not involved. Go figure.

    Dav, Mark, Jonah, DaveP and ourselves, that’s 5 businesses on this one thread alone that have similar views about eBay, not based on opinion but based on the REALITY of what is actually happening out there. If it doesn’t happen to you then you’re out of place here, you’re not qualified to comment on something you don’t experience for yourself but WE DO.

    There are thousands of similar posts across the internet, across the world. Are you saying everybody in the world is wrong? Do you think we would all be complaining if something wasn’t badly wrong? Or do you think it might be you that’s wrong, because it’s clearly obvious to the rest of us. Along with jim I think you need to look in the mirror. Yes we make money from the platform but as I said we pay a considerable fee for that and we do most of the work. As you said yourself, ebay are just a platform. But they’re a platform that has responsibilities to it’s customers. They would not find it acceptable if we treated our customers like they treat theirs.

    I’m done anyway, your so wrapped up in your ebay bubble that there’s clearly no chance of anybody getting any sense out of you, but if nothing else you need to understand that if there were no problems there would be no complaints. And everybody can’t be wrong.

  14. This should be for all sellers not just TRS – some lost TRS because of the stupid returns system and the defects it generated.

    I’ve had a return open yesterday for example for a bra that the customer says is 1″ too small for her – did she open it under “Does not fit” – nope that would cost them money… gets opened under “doesn’t work / defective” as there is no way the customer could be a different size than she ordered…

    Had another leave negative on a brand name fleece jacket (sold below 50% of RRP) “Thinner than expected. Not vey warm” – Item specifics state “Thin” & “Lightweight” along with the description saying the same… Would ebay remove the feedback? No – its the customers opinion of the jacket and cant be removed… At least with AMZ that would be a “product review” and removed… shame ebay isnt copying them on the Feedback side…

  15. I recently had a INR case go in my favour, the item a small parcel was scanned by RM as being delivered. The buyer claimed it had not been. eBay ruled in my favour.

    Two weeks later the item was returned with “Not known at this address”. Something odd there.

    I am just waiting on another INR case, RM scanned the item as being delivered. The buyer has a history of negative feedback against sellers for non delivery. He also has a history of items not being delivered as a seller.

    Will I win or will I won’t?

  16. those that engage in longwinded rants about ebay
    seem not to understand that ebay is a for profits business
    not a government service accountable to the public

  17. the only question we need answering is
    will using ebay make us money
    if the answer to that is yes
    that is the only answer we require

  18. It’s called Freedom of Speech. The more publicity these things get, the less likely the situation will be likely to carry on unabated and as I’ve tried to explain that is to everybody’s benefit, so don’t knock it.

    Have you any idea what the world would be like if people like us sat back, did nothing and stuck our heads up our arses like some of you seem to think I the “correct” thing to do? It would be a lot worse than it is now I can assure you. It’s a lot worse than it was a few decades ago because people cared more about unjust issues and were not prepared to accept it just because it didn’t necessarily affect them.

    If you don’t like it don’t read it, but never take away anybody’s right to complain or desire to improve things, because you just might not like what the alternative brings you.

  19. @ Alan. And why does this not apply to you?

    Why don’t buyers complain about Amazon the way they do about Ebay?

  20. @ Ross, I think you know the answer to your second question – fear of consequences. But I’m not going to write anything else on that …… I too am scared.

    as for your first question – I think you also. know the answer to:

    I am a genius and therefore I can multi task and still get better results than almost everyone else (maybe with the exception of Boris Johnsone – I am still astonished he pulled PM off – respect)

    Right now I am dictating this message to Siri while simultaneously responding to my ebay messages, feeding my cat and processing the various solutions to Global Warming (I have 7 that will work). But we are off topic……..

    The topic is that ebay are making greater efforts to protect us as sellers …………. gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside although that may be the re-heated curry I shouldn’t have had for breakfast.

  21. @ Ross, I am an acquired taste.

    Not been very well. I will give u a call tomorrow morning at wake up time. You better not have lost ur TRS again.


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