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We are currently running a parcel tracking survey to discover more about it’s importance and how online sellers are using the tracking events from couriers. You can start the survey here.

This survey looks to explore the importance of tracking in parcel delivery, what is important to you as a merchant, and explores the different options offered by couriers and how you are making use of technology available.

Merchants have different views when it comes to tracking, and for some that means shipping everything untracked as tracking is simply too expensive for low cost items. However with the rise of services such as Royal Mail 2D bar codes and Hermes Postable, even the lowest cost delivery services are starting to include tracking as standard.

We’re also interested to find out you thoughts on new artificial intelligence and technology surround tracking information. Tools such as SMS messaging, chatbots, automated call responders, mobile app and Progressive Web Apps are all coming into play, not to mention messaging such as WhatsApp.

The Tamebay parcel tracking survey shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time to complete and, as a thanks from our sponsor Scurri, we are doing a weekly draw for a £100 Amazon voucher. Everyone that completes the survey will be entered into the draw and our latest winner is Jan from Brentwood, Essex.

Start the survey here.

5 Responses

  1. Royal Mail 2d barcodes has been so good for us for a number of reasons: 1. we can upload to marketplaces who require valid tracking, 2. RM can use tracking and geo-location to confirm delivery. 3. will show if item is at a delivery office awaiting collection and 4. marketplaces accept it when reviewing a resolution case.

  2. 4. marketplaces accept it when reviewing a resolution case.

    Not really the case on Amazon. Unless you have a signature, you will lose the case.

    >>> In the past we have pre-empted a problem by contacting seller support and then on one A-Z claim we stated our case as usual and also referred to the previously opened SS case and it was an Amazon funded refund.

    I agree, this is not always possible as someone might go straight to A-Z, however it has worked for us in the past.

  3. 3. will show if item is at a delivery office awaiting collection. – this is only needed if they do not leave a card and your customer contact you to see where the item is.

    You have to do it manually so I cannot see many sellers checking 100+ orders a day to see if they have been delivered.

    I have suggested to RM that they have a tab in C&D for items that are undelivered so that we can contact buyer and let them know.

    >>> I agree that this has to be done manually and yes it has been on the occasion when the buyer has contacted us first even though we uploaded tracking to ebay so they could track it themselves.

    That is a great idea to show items which are undelivered inside C&D. Hopefully they will take that on board. A successful delivery is best for all concerned.

    Should the retailer be tracking outbound deliveries? Should the buyer be tracking inbound deliveries? Should the couriers be more pro-active?


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