Amazon don’t want small Amazon vendors (even if they are Alan Sugar)

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Amazon to close many Amazon Vendor accounts

Lord Sugar has just discovered what a lot of us already know, Amazon are a law unto themselves and (unless you are a Lord and rant on twitter) Amazon’s processes are their processes. The second thing Lord Sugar is possibly about to discover is that Amazon don’t want to deal with small Amazon Vendors any more and would prefer them to self serve as merchants through Seller Central.

It’s certainly not the case that Amazon don’t want Lord Sugar and his Apprentice to stock their products on Amazon. The only question for Amazon will be if they should be Amazon merchants or Amazon vendors. Having trimmed their vendors and cut Amazon Vendor Express, Amazon have also built many of the tools previously only available in Vendor Central into Seller Central. This means that smaller Vendors can largely access the same features in a self serve manner that they’ve previously been accustomed to access through Vendor Central.

Where does this leave Lord Sugar? Amazon Help responded to him on twitter saying “Hi. Very sorry to hear this. Can you please fill out this secure form and a specialist will look into this as a priority, thanks.”

Lord Sugar was his natural grateful self retorting “Typical of your firm. I am NOT a customer. I am a supplier trying to become a vendor.”

6 Responses

  1. Becoming a vendor now is a complete waste of time.
    Its benefits such as amazon marketing services and brand registry are now available to sellers as well. vendor has poor reporting tools, even the premium ones, PO’s are not guaranteed and amazon will control both the wholesale price and the retail price which can (and does regularly!) upset other distributors.

  2. Vendor is a very very poor relation to seller.
    Amazon help for Vendors is shocking I have had 4/5 cases open for weeks….I mean 5/6 weeks. In the past they have cleared my ‘on line’ stock inventory to zero…… they have tried to take a £500 plus payment for an incorrect invoice from 2 years ago, I understand that things go wrong but trying to get both of those issues which were created by Vendor was a major job and ‘apparently’ my fault. I have given up trying to make ‘Vendor’ work. My respectful advice to ‘LS’ is leave it!!!

  3. We have cases outstanding…… not replied to , I have contacted my vendor manager several times over the last few months .. no reply. The direct fulfillment carrier was cancelled new one put in place (after 4 months) ,but we cant get inventory uploaded, set up a new case …….. no reply . Complete waste of time

  4. Twitter trolls making sure lord sugar doesnt take this as seriously as he should on behalf of all small uk sellers

  5. Amazon IS! Really. Seriously. Amazon is a company. Amazon is going to do this and that. Stick to debating the Oxford comma if you want to be a grammar nerd. But write your articles like a normal person.


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