Bol curates 6,500 ecologically friendly gifts

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Bol, the largest marketplace in the Netherlands, has launched a curated sustainable assortment of products in time for the Black Friday and Christmas season. Whilst it’s a relatively small selection of 6,500 products today, the aim is to grow it in the future but not waste time in appealing to shoppers who want to buy ecologically friendly gifts this year.

Products offered will carry the quality mark of the Milieu Centraal, a dutch organisation, and this is just the start of Bol’s sustainability credentials. As well as ecologically friendly gifts, Bol already delivery many products via electric bikes and have two aims for the future: To have zero CO2 emissions for every package delivered by 2025 and to offer at least one alternative ecologically friendly gifts (and for every other product category they sell) by the year 2022.

Bol Sustainable assortment

Bol already classify all sustainable products including ecologically friendly gifts by one or more criteria to make buying choices for consumers easier. If a product qualifies for a sustainability criteria it will appear on the product page:

  • Organic

    An article is organic when it largely consists of natural ingredients that are organically grown. By buying an organic product you stimulate responsible agriculture and you contribute to better care for the environment.

  • Fair trade

    A fair trade article is an article for which a fair price has been paid to the producer, whereby farmers and workers in developing countries gain a better place in the trade chain. By buying a fair trade article you contribute to a better life for farmers and workers in developing countries.

  • Social enterprises

    A social enterprise has a social mission: impact first! Social enterprises are financially independent and not dependent on donations or subsidies. In addition, the company is fair to everyone, transparent and aware of its ecological footprint.

  • Refurbished

    A refurbished item is an item that consists of used parts, that has been checked and, if necessary, repaired. By buying a refurbished item you make a more sustainable choice because it is not necessary to produce a new device and an old device does not end up in waste.

  • Second-hand books

    Second-hand books have already been purchased and used by someone else, and are being offered for sale again through By buying a second-hand book, you extend the life of the book and you do not need to make a new book.


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