Check your eBay transactions for duplicate payments on 30th September

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We’ve heard word that on the 30th of September some buyers were told that their payments on eBay hadn’t been processed and so on the 1st of October made duplicate payments. eBay is only showing the order as taking place on the 1st of October with the correct payment amount, however checking PayPal revealed duplicate payments.

“Hi, eBay informed me on 30/9 that payment had not been taken and my items remain in my basket and I needed to redo my transactions which I did the next day 1/10. I had 50 different purchases and one of the other sellers has just informed me that she has received payment for my item twice and on checking this has happened with all 50 of my purchases. Would you please be able to check your account (I have already checked my PayPal and everything has come out twice) and refund me my second payment and let me know when it has been done so I can keep track of all the payments and refunds that eBay have messed up this week please”
– Message from eBay buyer to seller

The seller that received this message had already spotted the double payment but others may not reconcile every single eBay sale to PayPal. They discovered two duplicate payments from this time period.

We don’t know how widespread this glitch was, but it’s possible that you have double payments in PayPal for transactions that took place on the 30th of September and it’s probably best to process a refund before buyers do a chargeback.

This sounds like a very short term temporary glitch between eBay and PayPal. It’s possible the duplicate payments were taken and the first time eBay didn’t register the payment acknowledgement from PayPal and so the second payments were made by buyers. We have no way of telling if it was a PayPal glitch or an eBay glitch but hopefully it’s not too widespread – let us know if you find any duplicate payments in comments below.

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  1. “We don’t know how widespread this glitch was”

    Extremely prevalent.

    Many reports of this and other types of (mostly PayPal-related) payments-related and checkout glitches have been streaming-in on Twitter, Reddit, and the eBay (US) community boards for days, although it appears to (at least for the moment) have been resolved and the status board again reads green.

  2. About the same time I had payments made to my paypal account but they did not show as orders on eBay for several hours.

    eBay, like Amazon, do not really care how functional the system is as long as it is taking money.

  3. I had the same issue. Fortunately it was one purchase and the seller refunded me as there was no record of my order on their eBay dashboard (nor mine). I spoke to PayPal on the phone and they didn’t seem concerned and simply wrote the seller a courtesy email stating they needed to dispatch my order, but like I say they refunded me instead. Apparently the seller didn’t receive the email PayPal said they were sending… ??‍♂️ Quite a mess, but hopefully it won’t happen again.

  4. I made two purchases on Ebay on Monday afternoon. Later that evening i got an email from ebay saying my payments didn’t go through and to pay again. I thought it may be a scam email so i checked paypal and saw that both payments had gone through. On Tuesday both orders had now been changed to unpaid so i called ebay to ask what was going on. They said it was a glitch caused by paypal not sending payment confirmation codes which they said would be resolved within 24 hours. Nothings changed its still the same today. I called paypal to find out if the payments had actually gone through to the sellers and they confirmed that they had and that the glitch was all Ebays issue and that payment confirmation codes were being sent as usual.
    I contacted both sellers to explain and asked them to check their paypal accounts for my payments and send the orders. One seller confirmed they had payment and happily sent the order but the other seller said whilst they had the payment they didnt actually have an order on Ebay and said it may look like they traded outside of ebay so they refunded me.

    Makes you ask the question why were Ebay still sending out auto emails asking for people to resend payments when they knew the payments had been made.

  5. We had numerous orders on the 30th/1st where we received payment and PayPal notification and no order in either our or the buyer’s eBay account.

    Called eBay and they blamed PayPal for the issue.

    Now resolved thankfully, but we do get this issue once in a blue moon, we end up having to refund the buyer and asking them to buy again. Even though we explain it’s an eBay issue a percentage don’t re-purchase.

  6. This isn’t the first time significant eBay billing issues have been reported end-of-quarter.

    Earlier this year numerous sellers in the US reported over-billing the very last few days of 2018.

    One merchant alerted others they were over-billed $10,000 USD on their Dec. 31 invoice(!) on an account with $400-$500 typical monthly billing rate.

  7. I have been charged twice and Ebay nor Paypal will help me get my refund. I am VERY let down that I cannot get help and money has been taken from my bank account. Shocked that this glitch is known yet neither company will help. I will file a formal complaint.

  8. This uncovers the fact that ebay constantly try to push errors and glitches on to paypla.

    So is it just the purchases being duplicated that are paypals fault????
    or is it also paypals fault that ebay messages are all being duplicated ?

    i am pretty sure the messages have nothing to do with paypal so there is the proof its an eBay thing that has nothing to do with paypal they just process the payments sent to them via ebays system.but they will not accept it.

  9. 30th September 2019 was not a good day for ebay systems, and two of my customers were asked to pay twice for items that had been sent, having myself noted the successful paypal payments. Looking at what happened, it seems to me that it had absolutely nothing to do with paypal, despite ebay’s desperate protestations and the usual excuses.

    If you can stand the pain, I documented the entire affair at the following link, including recordings of the telephone calls to seller support. (Warning, May contain ebay lies.)

    Henry Walmsley.

  10. Lots of these transactions took place.

    I had a customer contact us and was in the process of finding it for them. It showed 1 purchased on ebay and produced a packing label for 1 item so we knew nothing irregular was occurring.
    Then the customer contacted us after the item arrived
    I asked them to check again and they did so i then went into paypla and yes i found the payment was twice a day apart 30th Sept and 1st of October.
    Paypal were very good on the phone and did explain that the payment process is only done by them once it is pushed to them by ebay so it is not their end at fault.

    I confirmed the actual payments were into my account and i therefore refunded the customer directly from Paypal who also refunded the transaction fee in full. They also advised me to check fees will not be double charged by ebay.

    eBay were less than useless because you cannot refund from the site as it shows no second purchase. They also said about final value fees will need reclaiming when we get our monthly statement if they have been double charged.

    I asked them what would they do for a customer who purchased an item for £200 and was double charged meaning their account was empty and their mortgage payment went out leaving them overdrawn with hefty bank charges .

    You can imagine the silence i was met with. No answer was given.

    You can then imagine my horror when i messaged the buyer to explain and all was refunded but saw they had left me negative feedback saying we had charged them twice for a single item.

    I contacted them and they said their feedback was directed at ebay and paypal.

    How does that work.

    This is why the feedback system is not fit for purpose people often have a dig at the wrong people.

    I am going to leave a feedback about a ford car i purchased should i leave it on tesco ebay account alongside the carrots i bought.


    at least ebay removed it.

  11. I was charged twice for an item. I tried to purchase on 30th September but purchase was rejected because my credit card details were not accepted. I tried again on 1st October and the purchase went through. I received to item but when my credit card statement arrived, I found that I had been charged on 30th September. Got in touch with E bay who said it was a PayPal problem, nothing to do with them…but I paid by credit card. I was told that I had to get a refund from my credit card company. They made me enter into a dispute procedure! Could take ages. Its completely unacceptable and for Ebay to abrogate responsibility like this!


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