OnBuy forecasts sales acceleration with OnBuy Boost

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OnBuy Boost

OnBuy Boost is a new service, launched in time to give OnBuy sellers a chance to maximise on sales ahead of the seasonal traffic peak.

The best part of Boost appears to be that the fees you pay for OnBuy Boost are used to market your products on paid marketing channels (think Google Adwords). It’ not just added visibility on OnBuy but across the web as a whole that you’re getting.

To further benefit sellers, the Boost fee is only applicable when a sale is made directly through a sponsored listing with no additional costs for non-sponsored sales.

“Our Boost service will bring a wealth of benefits to our sellers. Boosted listings will be placed in prominent positions across OnBuy’s product and category pages and in search results, helping increase the visibility of listings so they sell and thus earn greater rank on OnBuy. What’s most exciting is that sellers keep the rank they’ve earned – even if they end Boost!

Boost enables sellers to achieve greater visibility beyond OnBuy as well. The entire Boost fee is used to market their products even harder – this is a significant benefit as listings will gain more visibility in paid marketing channels. For sellers looking to drive more sales and increase visibility (all at fixed costs), Boost is definitely worth using.”
– Cas Paton, founder and managing director, OnBuy

With Boost brings the ability for OnBuy to drive more customers onto the platform and drive more sales for sellers – initial data shows sales are up 37.6% since the launch earlier this month. An indication of OnBuy’s planned rapid expansion, the release of this additional service shows OnBuy’s move towards further growth that’ll solidify the marketplace’s position as a serious contender against the major names.

OnBuy Boost Features and Benefits

Increased Visibility On And Off OnBuy

This will drive more customers to your listings and create more sales for your business or brand. Listings can achieve site-wide placement in prominent positions and in category and search results, as well as additional external marketing opportunities.

You Only Pay For What Sells!

Our Boost service allows you to create more visibility – but you’ll only pay for what actually sells through the increased exposure. Your organic sales will only be charged our normal category fee.

You Control Boost

You can set your Boost rate from 0.1% to 10%, charged in addition to OnBuy’s normal selling fees when you make a sale through Boost, so you control how much you want to invest in additional visibility. Boost all your listings or a select few – it’s up to you.

You Can Improve Your Product Rank

Your listings will earn rank on OnBuy that will benefit from greater organic placement, and this rank is yours to keep – even if you end Boost. This means you can invest in your organic visibility while driving more sales from Boost.

10 Responses

  1. Looks like Swift Deals will have to increase their prices even further to stay in the top rankings, buy from Swift Deal;s on OnBuy and have your item delivered by Amazon.

    Why bother using Amazon when you get the same service and only have to pay 40-60% more. I get it, I really do not like using Amazon to buy from, Let Swift Deals do the work. Don’t worry about having a Prime Account on Amazon, your order will be Prime delivered.

    I do wonder though, with Showing 219,997 products, Swift Deals only has a Feedback rating of 128 Maybe they don’t actually sell that much. Maybe this will be the BOOST they need, but what about their profit margin?

    Easy, just add the cost to the over priced Amazon item, win-win!

  2. The problem with these sellers like swift deals is nobody checked there ads before they are bulk imported. They are often litered with random characters and errors. – a nightmare if they are selling something you want to and it is linked by barcode.
    But these companies exist because some people are just too damn lazy to search. They always go for top of the page listings, which are often over priced. I see it on ebay all the time.
    Anyway back to the promoted listings… Seems everyone is starting to do it to avoid the cluttered search results and of course pull in more money. This can be said for the market place and the seller. Thankfully i havent seen the flood of chinese sellers on onbuy that total wreak ebay.

  3. I much prefer OnBuy’s approach to that of eBay and Amazon. At least with Boost, it helps improve the overall visibility of the site, which is better than the eBay/Amazon approach of getting sellers to pay extra just for better positioning within the site.

    We’ve seen a healthy up-tick in OnBuy sales in the last month or two, although I don’t know how much is purely seasonal and how much is because OnBuy are starting to increase their overall presence and visibility.

    I think it’s good to have an up-and-coming alternative to the Big Two, and what has made me a fan most of all is that (at least in the categories we sell in) they curate their catalogue better than Amazon, Support are really helpful, and the whole place is just a lot less stress and hassle.

    OnBuy isn’t perfect, and it’s likely to be a long time before sales match the other two channels, but at least I don’t wake up in the morning wondering if we’ve been suspended for some random reason totally out of our control !


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