Cloud Commerce Pro and ChannelGrabber Merger

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ChannelGrabber and Cloud Commmerce Pro have joined forces and the newly merged businesses are preparing to take the ecommerce and marketplace world by storm in 2020. ChannelGrabber have built a reputation in the marketplace SME space as a self service solution, whereas Cloud Commerce Pro has been a solution aimed at larger retailers with more sophisticated needs and by joining forces they’ll be able to now offer a compelling proposition to both camps.

What the Cloud Commerce Pro ChannelGrabber Merger means for you

First up, for any existing customers, your fees and plan isn’t changing so don’t worry about that. There is no bad news from this merger and, if the existing tools you use fit your needs there is no reason you can’t continue to grow your business on the same price plan you’ve currently been using.

What the merger does however bring, is an upgrade path as your business grows. In the past, Cloud Commerce Pro have had potential customers who weren’t really ready to take full advantage of their services and ChannelGrabber missed out on larger businesses with more sophisticated requirements. Now a customer of either business can take full advantage of what the other has to offer and there are some interesting services ChannelGrabber customers might be keen to explore.

“ChannelGrabber have established a strong reputation for technological innovation, rapid deployment and simplicity of operation. Our customers are next-generation retailers for whom technology must help them to achieve rapid growth with the minimum of administrative overhead. As our customers scale their businesses, they go on to seek tailored ecommerce solutions with the depth and breadth of features and functionality hitherto only within the grasp of the very largest merchants.

The Cloud Commerce Pro platform delivers just such a step-up solution seamlessly and affordably. The coming together of ChannelGrabber and Cloud Commerce Pro delivers an unrivalled range of ecommerce solutions for our customers from the startup to the large and established retailer.”
– Mike Morgan, CEO, ChannelGrabber

New services for ChannelGrabber merchants

Increasingly on Amazon, merchants are using Amazon Advertising (Sponsored Ads) and now there’s a product from Cloud Commerce Pro which is available to ChannelGrabber customers – Cloud Seller Pro. As well as managing Amazon Advertising, Cloud Seller Pro can also manage Google Ads on Google Shopping. What’s unique about this service and will definitely appeal is that it’s a pay on results service. What this means is that you sign up to have your paid search ads managed and, rather than paying Google on a per-click basis, you only pay Cloud Commerce Pro on a successful sale! As far as we know it’s the only pay on results paid marketing service of this type in the UK.

The benefit of the merger for the company is that whereas in the past they may have missed out on clients due to their proposition being either too complex or not complex enough – They now have a breadth of solutions which means they can offer a service to just about any size of marketplace retailer from start ups to high street retailers and brands, and at the same time offer a migration path for growing businesses. It’s very hard to build a single solution that caters for both SMEs and large retailers but this merger brings together the best from both worlds offering a broad range of solutions to cater for all needs.

The benefit of the merger for ChannelGrabber and Cloud Commerce Pro clients is that, if they don’t have any new requirements, they can carry on using the services they’ve always enjoyed but when the time comes that they need to add new services they can migrate to new solutions from the same provider.

The future for Cloud Commerce Pro and ChannelGrabber

“The combination of Cloud Commerce Pro and ChannelGrabber is set to disrupt a market so far dominated by one or two software and service providers whose offerings can neither keep pace with nor meet the needs of our customers in what is a very dynamic market. Our two companies have collaborated for some time to provide our customers with ecommerce solutions for retailers both large and small so our merger is very definitely market- and customer-driven. Truly no other software or service provider can now rival our portfolio of retail solutions.”
– Mark Hallam, Pro Director, Cloud Commerce

Combined, the two companies now have the ability to offer one of the largest feature sets and service offerings to match or exceed the offering from most of their competitors, not just in the UK but worldwide. The combination of ChannelGrabber’s ecommerce software for small to mid-sized merchants, coupled with Cloud Seller Pro’s software and services geared towards larger and enterprise-class retailers, plus webstore design and Cloud Seller Pro online marketing services, offers just about everything a retailer of any size could need.

Overtime, the two teams will work ever more closely together and naturally we’re expecting at some point the two companies will come together as a single team under one brand.

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