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Unlike other Amazon Europe platforms where you can use a bank account located anywhere in the Euro zone to collect proceeds from sales, it turns out that on Amazon’s newest site,, a Netherlands bank account is required in order to receive your pay outs. When you go to add your bank account details, the only country in the drop down list where your account can be based in is the Netherlands.

This has been a bit of a surprise for most merchants who have been accustomed to being able to receive disbursements from any Amazon EU site into either a single Euro bank account or in the case of the UK into a Sterling account. Even if you let Amazon do the currency conversion, you’ve been able to draw sales into your UK bank account but that’s not the case for Amazon Netherlands. If you want to sell on the newest Amazon country site then you need a Netherlands bank account.

All is not lost however, Worldfirst have told us they are ready and able to offer collection accounts based in the Netherlands, allowing you to gain access to one of the most exciting new European marketplaces in recent years. These virtual Netherlands bank account for are available immediately to new and existing customers alike. Contact Worldfirst today to ensure you are one of the first international sellers on the platform and ready to maximise the opportunity of selling on Amazon Netherlands.

As a Worldfirst customer you can benefit from their transparent pricing which varies from 0.5% down to 0.15% depending on your transaction volume. The World Account solution we provide gives you access to collection accounts in up to 10 different currencies. You can use the World Account to efficiently manage your incoming and outgoing foreign currencies, saving you time and money in the process. The new Netherlands account they provide also presents an opportunity to sell on what has traditionally been the dominant online marketplace in the Netherlands,

More information is available on the Worldfirst website.

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  1. When will the Netherlands marketplace been made available to us? Can’t see it in my marketplaces dropdown yet. Will it just appear or do I need to do something?


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