Royal Mail Buy, Print, Drop – How easy is it to post a parcel?

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Royal Mail Buy Print Drop HomeRoyal Mail has started a major new integrated campaign which aims to drive awareness and use of their Click & Drop online postage offering. With social distancing and likely more people than ever posting Christmas gifts to their loved ones this year the timing is opportune, but don’t forget you can print out something as humble as a stamp online. The key overarching message is Buy, Print, Drop, aiming to convey how easy it is to buy online, print yourself and drop nearby.

In order to boost awareness of the online postage channel amongst an audience of marketplace sellers, SMEs and consumers, Royal Mail has worked with MBA and Arena Media to create ‘Postage that fits around you’, an integrated campaign which highlights just how easy its Click & Drop service is to use around a time when consumers and small businesses are doing much more online. Click & Drop is ideal in making the delivery and sending of parcels easier in difficult circumstances

Royal Mail Buy Print Drop OfficeThe ads, developed by MBA, emphasise all the benefits of the service, which enables you to pay online and print wherever you like, with the Buy, Print, Drop flexibility to drop parcels at 14,000 locations.

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing the campaign everywhere you go, Arena Media has taken an audience-first approach to media for the campaign, selecting radio and national press supported by digital display, podcasts and social to allow the distribution of a series of messages that will build awareness to ensure that consumers and SMEs understand the benefits of the service which – in the current environment – is even more essential. Rapport have developed an OOH plan which targets key national locations including spots near to key drop off locations.

Royal Mail Buy Print Drop Parcel Post Box

“We have worked hard to respond to consumer and SME demand when it comes to parcel delivery, and this has become even more significant given that so many of us are spending more time at home now. We’re delighted to be launching this campaign and we hope it will encourage many more consumers and SMEs to take advantage of this fast, easy-to-use service.”
– Natalie Thomas, Marketing and Digital Director, Royal Mail

“This campaign highlights just how intuitive and straightforward Click & Drop is: it’s all about the customer. The ads emphasise the benefits of the service using a down-to-earth, real-world visual style and tone that our audience can relate to.”
– James Middlehurst, Managing Partner, MBA

“Following five great years of working with Royal Mail, it’s fantastic to be launching our first consumer-facing brand campaign for parcels. Our audience-first approach harnesses the channels we believe are best for delivering a complex message and motivating people to make a significant change in behaviour.”
– Abi Ward, Managing Partner, Arena Media, part of Havas Media Group

6 Responses

  1. This is obviously aimed at the public who post a parcel now and then, for us retailers, this is absolute rubbish.

    C&D is a great system made overly complicated by RM constantly changing the working practices and becoming total jobsworths. Their strap-lines should point out most of their delivery offices are on reduced hours, Post Office counters are on restricted hours and they are accepting less parcels. So if you are a SME you have to change your practices to suit them.

    The software is great, but you have to wade through 44 pages to understand what your pricing may be!

    It is not real world friendly at all and RM are in danger of losing even more customers to the competition who offer quicker deliveries, tracking and collection for similar prices. We are actively seeking to move from RM as they have forced us to due to their poor level of service.

    RM needs to try using this in the real world where we retailers are being squeezed by Amazon, eBay and the unrealistic “next day” delivery expectations from consumers who have been led to believe that postage is free!

    Go on Royal Mail, Natalie, Abi and James, give yourself a nice big socially distanced pat on the back for deluding yourself that you have polished a turd!

  2. Can they concentrate first on the job my MP says they are mandated to do and deliver all letters. Please.

  3. I think 48 Deffo needs a rename to Economy or similar, during the pandemic its been quite slow, customers would just lower expectations.

  4. I joined a couple of Facebook groups for eBay sellers etc as the ebay boards are not much scope these days .
    It is amazing how many STILL have no awareness of click and drop, and dealing with basic eBay issues.
    The amount of people still going to the post office and hand writing labels etc on eBay is still high or using PayPal post.

    RMG contacted me back in I think 2011 due to the amount of claims I was putting in for eBay INR and got me on OBA and contacted me again and got me on click and drop they even sent someone out as I was being lazy setting it up. They seemed very proactive back then (hence I spent a ton of money on shares very expensive mistake) as I had great hopes for them.
    They have pretty much become terrible since then.


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