Zero to £50k powered by Volo Vision OnBuy Integration

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Just in time for Q4, Volo Commerce are ready to support you to trade on the OnBuy marketplace. The Volo Vision OnBuy integration will centrally control you selling activities through the Volo ecommerce and analytics platforms.

Volo customers and partners first got access to the Volo Vision OnBuy integration in September. Demand for OnBuy support has been strong and a number of Volo customers are already seeing fast growth.

“One customer has recorded over £50K in sales on OnBuy within 2 weeks of a standing start, with daily sales already approaching the £10K per day mark.”
– Volo

This rapid growth from launch on OnBuy to strong daily sales shouldn’t really be a surprise even though it’s massively impressive – OnBuy itself has been growing at a phenomenal lick this past year with an exponential increase in traffic and no signs that the growth is slowing down.

OnBuy is in heavy seller acquisition mode, and is already strong in a range of categories, including Electronics & Technology, Health & Beauty, Home, Garden & Pets and Toys & Games. It operates a catalogue system like Amazon, with multiple listings for one product. It’s B2C not C2C, and doesn’t do auctions. With a focus on professional sellers OnBuy’s selling fees are extremely competitive at between 5% and 9%.

“We’ve sought out strategic partnerships ahead of our global launch into over 140 additional countries and so we’re thrilled to have integrated with Volo Commerce. As the fastest-growing marketplace in the world, we’re all about helping sellers to scale and grow their businesses, and Volo Commerce helps make this seamless for multichannel sellers through a dashboard with metrics and easily actionable insights.”
– Cas Paton, founder and CEO, OnBuy

“We’re delighted to give our sellers greater choice and more opportunities to sell, which means new customer cohorts, faster growth and multichannel resilience for sellers. Our OnBuy integration into Volo gives full reporting and analytics visibility in Volo Vision, while Volo Origin takes care of order management, inventory management and automated stock level and pricing updates. What’s more, full OnBuy listing capability is currently in beta and will be available soon, meaning our customers can manage more of the end-to-end process within Volo, along with their other marketplaces and web stores.”
– Tony Kyberd, COO, Volo Commerce

To learn more about how making OnBuy part of your multichannel ecommerce strategy click here, or to start the process of selling on OnBuy through Volo Origin and Vision, click here.

4 Responses

  1. Good to hear! I’m a Volo customer and just integrating with OnBuy now… hoping for good results!

    Amazon & eBay fees along with very little seller support makes OnBuy an attractive proposition for sellers.

    The change to eBay Managed Payments and all the hidden, stealth fees has quicken our jump to OnBuy.

    With all their current advertising and the backing of PayPal, I’m hopeful they will attract many more customers.

    Attract the sellers and the buyers will follow seems to be the strategy and OnBuy and I seriously hope it works!

  2. No doubt the buyers will soon start flocking to grab all the bargains the arbitrage sellers have already listed for sale, many at above RRP.


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