Simply Noir Marketplace for black independent businesses launches in UK

Simply Noir

Simply Noir an online marketplace & community has launched to support black independent UK businesses. The Marketplace founded by Petersfield entrepreneur Grace Trowbridge is said to be supporting black-owned independent businesses during the pandemic.

“Simply Noir is a beautifully curated online marketplace and community for black-owned UK businesses. We want to be home to the most unique, stylish, and unforgettable products you have ever seen. Whilst making black & ethnic products more accessible and available to everyone everywhere.

Simply Noir was founded in August this year by husband and wife team Grace and Leon, as not only did they see a gap in the market but they also felt that these businesses were extremely underrepresented in the mainstream.

Our mission is to encourage people from all backgrounds to embrace and celebrate our beautiful culture and heritage with us.”

Unlike Wakuda, Simply Noir have said that they will work with anyone of any colour so long as they hold the same ethos and vision as them. So sellers from any background or ethnicity can apply to become a seller.

Selling on Simply Noir:

They encourage anyone people from all backgrounds to embrace and celebrate black culture and heritage through selling on their platform. To register you can fill out a form here.

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this sort of thing just perpetuates racism purposely segregating black people

victor • 16th October 2020 •

I agree.

Kevin • 16th October 2020 •

Totally agree.....and no doubt we will see a "Simply Blanc" put up by another colour crazy to exacerbate this. No common sense. ( pun intended )

Sharon • 16th October 2020 •

what pun?

timbo • 16th October 2020 •

agree Victor

chris • 16th October 2020 •