Government urges UK businesses to move to EU and avoid Brexit costs / Join this Wednesday’s webinar with delivery experts GFS to discover how

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No doubt you’ll be reeling from the latest ‘helpful’ advice from the Government urging UK businesses to move to the EU as a way of reducing Brexit costs and complexities. It’s about as useful as the ‘FREE’ trade deal that we thought we had. Regardless, UK ecommerce exports to the EU fell off the cliff in the first two weeks of January due to a myriad of issues – parcels stuck on lorries on the way to Dover, parcels rejected by customs because of missing or incorrect customs data, carriers adding surcharges or even suspending certain services, businesses themselves deciding to stop shipping altogether. And don’t get me started about Northern Ireland! Whether your plan is to continue shipping to the EU from UK, ship from within the EU (or you’ve simply not decided), be sure to sign up for this Wednesday’s webinar with GFS for some straight talking.

Since leaving the EU, new customs rules have not only disrupted deliveries to Europe with vast numbers of parcels being delayed, refused or returned to the sender, but this weekend, the news also carried stories of EU consumers refusing deliveries of goods they have purchased from the UK when the courier turns up asking for a payment for duties. Retailer are now faced with Brexit complexities including high costs to process paperwork and sort out duty to get their returns back into the UK and some are simply washing their hands of the goods, writing them off and leaving them with the carrier to dispose of.

As well as giving you clarity on what’s needed for successful deliveries and returns to the EU, GFS will also be looking at for locating parts, or all of your logistics within the EU to cut down Brexit cost and complexity, including:

  • Shipping direct to consumers in the EU and how to ensure the delivery is successful
  • How to get products into an EU warehouse to be distributed within Europe (meaning no demands for cash to pay duties on delivery)
  • Returns and presenting GFS GLobal Returns as an option
  • A service to collect your goods in the UK, clear them into the EU and forward ship them to an EU Amazon FBA warehouse

There’s no doubt that 2020 was like no other as UK businesses faced the perfect storm of Brexit, COVID and Peak. Sign up now for this webinar for a ‘look back’ at the key learnings from 2020 and to find out what’s needed to set yourself up for success in the face of another year, and another Peak, with the ongoing impact from Brexit and COVID

As a bonus, at the end of the webinar you’ll also get GFS’ 4-point Action Plan for ecommerce Delivery in 2021 to ensure success.

5 Responses

  1. hello Chris,

    I would love the know the source of that please, I cannot find it in a news search.

    So far all brexit has done is cost me sales as all my EU clients now have to pay VAT on their purchases, adding 20% or similar to their bills.

    And its that sort of Governmental advice I would love to shout from every rooftop

  2. I saw that in the news the other day. Some companies who have strong EU sales, are having to lay off staff in their UK offices, in order they can open a small office in the EU and employ a skeleton crew. Obviously nothing about the trade agreements is very useful for any business, small, medium or larger, it seems.

    As a sole trader in the EU, it has reduced my UK customer base. And as a buyer, I will now only buy from the UK if I have no other option. As far as I’m concerned nothing positive has arrived from this new way of doing things. It was obvious it wouldn’t pan out well, but clearly they thought it a good idea anyway.

  3. “Government urges UK businesses to move to EU and avoid Brexit costs”, You cannot be serious ….however these idiots are serious and companies are sacking UK employees just to do this. We are run by total clowns.

    Just like everything else this disaster of a Government have touched this has turned into a complete DISASTER.
    I have just stopped all shipping into the EU as customers are being charged on arrival. So much for just a bit of paperwork…

    2 year ago I was shipping 80% of my sales mainly via Nordic marketplaces into the EU now it is ZERO.

    The UK market is flooded and dominated by Amazon. You can be flexible and try and adapt but this is just getting impossible.

    How many more years do we have left of Boris?????

  4. trouble is Sam after Boris there will be another Tory dinosaur who still thinks this is the 1950s and we have an empire! They reject co-operation and globalisation, even though the cars they drive, planes they fly in, food they enjoy, pc’s they use, clothes they wear, holidays they go on, are all the product of a connected society. The tory near isolationist policy is from a different era, one they hark back to, at the expense of all else. This world will only cope with an ever increasing global population by coming together to look after people. For me, I would rather be in the EU steering policy than outside the window looking in and having no say.


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