Consumer seller eBay payments roll out in 2021

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eBay have announced that consumer seller eBay payments will roll out in 2021, meaning that in addition to business sellers being migrated to eBay payments, private sellers will also start to be migrated. The aim is that consumer seller eBay payments will fully roll out to all private sellers by the end of 2021.

“By enhancing the payments experience to encompass more of our business, we are further building on our work to become the seller platform of choice. Consumer sellers will no longer need to maintain two separate customer service relationships to manage their business and everything can be done in the eBay mobile app, My eBay or Seller Hub on the web.”
– eBay

eBay is currently rolling out its management of payments to sellers in the UK, US, Germany, Australia and Canada, and will be expanding to France, Italy and Spain later in Q1 2021.

Consumer seller eBay payments benefits

eBay say that consumers will see key benefits from eBay payments and one major change will be that fees will be automatically deducted from sales proceeds so sellers will no longer receive invoices (unless they use enhanced features such as for instance an eBay Shop subscription).

  • Simpler Fees
  • eBay selling fees will be deducted automatically from sellers’ earnings before they get paid, and fees are immediately shown in transaction details and monthly statements. The remainder of seller earnings will go directly to their bank account. No more PayPal processing fees. No more separate monthly fee payments.

  • Convenient Payouts
  • Sellers will receive all payouts directly to their bank accounts. Sellers may also choose when to get paid: daily or weekly, as funds are available.

  • Seller Protections
  • Because earning seller trust is our priority, eBay only asks for the information we need to keep sellers safe and pay out their earnings. We have also simplified claim and seller protections to make the seller experience easier. Learn more on how we will use the information here and how we protect sellers’ personal information here.

  • Increased Buyer Choice
  • Apple Pay is available as a payment option on iPhone and iPad. Google Pay is also available on the eBay site and on the eBay Android App. Buyers can also choose locally relevant payment options like SEPA Direct Debit or Sofort EFT in Germany and Afterpay in Australia.

Consumer seller sign up

Once you receive an invitation to sign up for eBay payments, it’s a simple three step process for private sellers:

  1. Confirm your account details
  2. Verify your identity
  3. Add your bank account

9 Responses

  1. If you’re not VAT registered and you sell items under a tenner, then be prepared for your selling fees to go up after switching to eBay payments.

  2. “fees are immediately shown in transaction details and monthly statements”

    That is more than i get at the moment!!

    I get them in the individual transaction details, but there is nothing showing on the monthly statement except shop subscription, return label costs & Credits

    At the moment, i have download the excel sheet report, configure and add 3 columns together.

    No official invoice.

    Unless someone knows better!!

  3. We are still awaiting to be moved to eBay mangled payments, but what I hear is not good. We would require a full eBay fee invoice at the end of each month for our book keeping. Is this not the case? I hear sellers are having to manually work out their fees paid for accounting purposes. Surely this can’t be right ?

  4. @ Jonah

    That is correct.

    I was on the CS about it on Saturday and they said you do get an Invoice showing fees, i said walk me through it then, they couldn’t find it!!!

    There is a work around, but its time consuming.

  5. @Lee
    Thanks so much- it’s just as I feared then.

    I thought businesses had to provide a coherent receipt for their customers by law ?

    Just a thought

  6. This is going to be talked about for years on Wall street when ever they talk about it they will say remember when Ebay tried to start their own payment processing service but instead ended up hiring a company in Amsterdam, (You know the acknowledged hacker capitol of the world) Then they gave away hundreds of thousands of share of stock… (then they will laugh raucous gales of laughter) Imagine my corporate industrial buyers that were purchasing 1.5 million dollars a year sending their money to amsterdam before it gets to me? Then they require buyers and sellers to keep on their servers your credit card information and banking information. (Yes all in Amsterdam the hacking capitol of the entire world) You may have seen where recently a covid 19 vaccine company was hacked, (in Amsterdam) by (allegedly) Amsterdam hackers? Oh, I am so sure that corporations will want to continue to do business this way? No, I had to close my Ebay store and move to another selling hub, like iron planet or rbauction, but there are hundreds of them and to be honest I really do not miss Ebay that much… Neither do my customers… You would think that when sellers started complaining ebay would have done something different. LOL, man are they stupid people

  7. Saying goodbye to ebay. Now they are asking people for their social security number or yiu don’t get paid. Good riddance eBay

  8. @Anson, yes we have been asked for either two forms of photographic identity- passport or driving licence as well as full bank statements and tax returns. Also a current credit or debit card on file. All for a company we had been trading with for 20 years. We don’t keep any of this information together in one place on our own systems- it’s a hackers dream.
    As soon as this gets out into the public domain they will be targeted for sure. All so eBay can earn another percentage point on turnover. What I would say is if anyone has given this information you need to have insurance against identity theft and fraud in case the unthinkable happens.


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