Replyco add eBay Buyer Notes as part of enhancement update

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Replyco, the marketplace and ecommerce helpdesk solution, have added a raft of enhancements which online sellers will welcome. Of particular interest is the addition of eBay Buyer Notes, one of the most useful eBay features but often troublesome and easy to miss but absolutely essential for sellers of personalised items and special requests.

Also added are Fruugo integration, Telegram messaging support, clickable tracking numbers for Linnworks orders and a host of other tweaks to make your help desk staff manage your customer interactions.

eBay Buyer Notes for Custom Order Requests

If your business specialises in any type of custom orders, such as handmade jewellery or made-to-order clothing, you’ll love this new feature.

eBay buyer notes help ensure that your customers’ order preferences are acknowledged while adding yet another layer of accessibility, giving you greater certainty that no messages will fall through the cracks.

Any specifications for a custom order or preferences requested by customers through eBay are now viewable within the Order Details section of an eBay ticket in Replyco help desk.

Fruugo Marketplace Integration

With over 25 million active monthly users across 46 different countries, Fruugo is quickly becoming a major player in the global eCommerce game. Since two-thirds of all Fruugo sales are cross-border, sellers on this platform will enjoy Replyco’s one-click translation capability into 50+ languages.

The Fruugo integration (currently in Beta) seamlessly imports all of your messages into your convenient and user-friendly Replyco inbox, alongside detailed customer data for easy access to order information all in one place. Fruugo sellers will benefit from the many perks that Replyco has to offer for optimal customer support.

Telegram Messenger Integration

Telegram is one of the most widely used messaging applications in the world. As one of the fastest messenger apps on the market, Telegram was built with both speed and security in mind. Replyco uses Telegram’s fully encrypted API, allowing customers to connect with you safely and securely.

Instant messaging applications are quickly becoming consumers’ preferred method for customer service. With the Telegram integration, your team can access and respond to customer messages directly within Replyco’s Instant Messaging tab.

Ticket Page User Interface Design Overhaul

The new Replyco ticket page features some aesthetically pleasing changes and major design improvements to provide you with an overall better user experience.

…and more

Replyco users will also notice better overall performance, the ability to conduct searches using postal codes and tracking numbers to locate related tickets, clickable tracking numbers for Linnworks orders, “Delayed” ticket tab updates, access to historical data on Amazon, and quicker more efficient eBay synchronization.

Free trial and 30% off

If you’ve not tried Replyco yet, they offer a 7-Day free trial to get you started. Replyco are also kicking off 2021 with special COVID relief pricing for every new subscriber. For a limited time, you can get 30% off the base price of your subscription.


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