eBay Automated Campaigns for Promoted Listings now live

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eBay Automated Campaigns for Promoted Listings is now live and ready for you to use on eBay UK. You can now launch Promoted Listings campaigns in just three clicks. Many eBay sellers (myself included) aren’t advertising specialists so eBay Automated Campaigns could be a bit of a god send as you can get them started and leave eBay to do all the complicated bit of tinkering to optimise your listing promotion – you simply select a few options and dates and eBay does the rest.

Created in response to demand for more streamlined, automated marketing tools, the new eBay Automated Campaigns creation flow is found in the marketing tab of the eBay Seller Hub. The feature frees up time for you by eliminating the manual work of creating Promoted Listings campaigns – allowing you to concentrate on growing their business whilst still maintaining complete control of their marketing campaigns.

Using filters including price, eBay category and store category, you are now able to use Automated Campaigns to easily set up rules to determine which listings they wish to promote and choose their ad rate strategy. Then, once dates are set, the campaign goes live.

“Our sellers have been telling us they would appreciate more automation and fewer steps. As a result, we created our Automated Campaigns feature, the latest campaign creation flow designed to help sellers manage and optimise their Promoted Listings campaigns. As always, the seller remains in control of their listings, yet with significantly more efficiency, enabling our retailers to deliver even greater success from the eBay Marketplace.”
– Harmony Murphy, GM Advertising UK, eBay

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Already live in Australia and the US, this step forward in automated campaign management will offer eBay sellers greater efficiency ¬– allowing them to concentrate their efforts on reaching eBay’s UK millions of monthly shoppers.

How to use eBay Automated Campaigns for Promoted Listings

  1. Set rules to trigger listing automation. New rules allow sellers to automate the listings they want to promote in each campaign. Rules are managed by easy-to-set filters like price, or eBay/store categories – with more options rolling out soon. For a seller with dynamic inventory, this is a huge time saver.
  2. Automate ad rate to stay competitive. Sellers can automate ad rates for listings simply by selecting ‘automate eBay’s suggested ad rate.’ For those looking for more control, they can set a cap or use the suggested ad rate as a benchmark and adjust the rate above or below to protect profit margins.
  3. Launch with confidence and track your progress. Once launched, listings and the ad rates are adjusted according to the rules that sellers set.


3 Responses

  1. If you operate in saturated categories then Promoted Listings may be the death knell of your business or category as sellers clamber over each other to win business at any cost. If you’re in a niche then you probably have nothing to worry about.

    eBay are already reserving search result slots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 (yes they skip one) to Promoted Listings. For an example, search for iPhone Cable.
    On average this is doubling the eBay fee for those who are booking these slots by promoting their listings.

    You can now sell absolute tat very easily by booking a promoted listing slot. The natural selection known as Best Match is no longer as important. What is now important is how much money you are willing to give eBay. You will no longer win sales by providing a good price and good service alone.

    What this has also done is add another layer of complexity to selling products on eBay, and by allowing the masses of eBay sellers access to this complex tool, there are plenty of busy fools making no money at all because they don’t understand margins and the complex list of costings associated with selling on eBay.

    Long live the eBay busy fool, for there is always 2 to replace the 1 that gives up (after watching a YouTube video on how to become an eBay millionaire).

  2. Mr Jones comments are spot on. We have gone from making 20k a year in 2016 to 4k now if we are lucky.
    2 things have destroyed our profits on Ebay

    1 = Promoted istings. Ebay make more per item than us.

    2 = Royail Mail 10%and 12% price increase on large envelope year on year

  3. It would be nice if eBay rewarded the odd free campaign to buisiness sellers based on how good thete feedback scores are like a reward program.


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