Younger shoppers prefer brands with sustainable couriers

Younger shoppers prefer brands with sustainable couriers

Yodel have released new research for Earth Day which shows that more than half of 18-34-year-olds prefer to shop with a retailer if they used sustainable couriers focused on reducing their emissions.

The research shows that younger consumers are becoming more conscious of how carbon emissions are impacting the environment and are choosing how and where they spend their money accordingly. The findings reveal that (53%) of 18-34s said they’d be more inclined to purchase if the delivery company focused on reducing its emissions. Younger shoppers are also the most likely (28%) to take the CO2 emissions of their online shopping into account when making a purchase, suggesting that consumers are becoming more conscious of their own habits and their impact on the environment.

For older shoppers, however, sustainable couriers aren’t as important, with just a third (32%) of over 55s saying the environmental credentials of the delivery company would influence which retailers they shopped with.

Interestingly, the data also showed that 42% of consumers would even wait longer for a parcel if it meant it had a reduced carbon footprint which suggests that speed is no longer the be-all and end-all of deliveries.

“It should come as no surprise to retailers that the environmental impact of deliveries is a big priority for their customers. We recognise that there is no quick solution to lowering emissions and it’s often the result of a wide range of measures that require significant investment. Brand loyalty is as important as ever for retailers with ecommerce dominating the market and consumers having so many options available to them, so it’s well worth listening to what they value.

“Earth Day falls at time when the world is returning to something resembling normality, and retailers should be looking at how they can move forward and offer their customers the solutions that they’re looking for. We’ll continue to be proactive when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to Britain’s 2050 net zero emissions target.”
– Mike Hancox, CEO, Yodel

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if we want a truly sustainable delivery service we should revert to just having Royal Mail doing daily deliveries once per day! As it is, a small block of flats or one individual street can have multiple delivery companies rocking up on multiple occasions in just one day....

Denis Lenihan • 23rd April 2021 •