Listing collectible card game cards on eBay made easier

Listing collectible card game cards on eBay made easier

During the first quarter of 2021, trading cards sales on eBay brought in over $1 billion USD and buyers in the collectible card game cards doubled during the same time period. To put this into perspective, with $100.0 billion total eBay GMV over the last financial year, at $1 billion a quarter run rate, this category represents 4% of all eBay sales!

eBay know that listing individual cards can be time-consuming so to help sellers list trading cards more quickly and efficiently, they have created an image detection feature that’s now available in the eBay app for collectible card games like Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Word of caution, we’ve not seen the feature in the UK so it may only be available to US sellers.

Powered by computer vision technology, the eBay image detection feature scans single cards and automatically pre-fills most listing details. Simply confirm the correct card and pre-filled details, add your own photos, and publish your listing. eBay say that later this year, more card categories will be added to the feature.

How to list collectible card game cards

  • Open the eBay app
  • Tap “List an item” to start your listing, type (upper or lower case) “MTG” or “Magic the Gathering,” “Pokemon,” or “YuGiOh” and select “Tap to search with your camera.”

  • Point your camera at a card
  • Computer vision detects your card and matches your scan to possible results.

  • Select your match
  • Key listing item specifics and title are automatically prefilled. Complete your listing with your own photos, price, shipping details, and condition.

    eBay do warn that there may be multiple variations of your card. Make sure the result selected in the app is correct or make any necessary changes in the item specifics before you publish your listing.

If you have a stash of collectible card game cards, check out their value as it may well be worth becoming a part of the $4 billion a year category on eBay.

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