Amazon VTR updates based on merchant feedback

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Amazon valid tracking rate for Royal Mail TDG & MHI added to Amazon Valid Tracking

Amazon have made some recent Ship Confirm Amazon VTR updates to the policy requirements announced in the beginning of March this year. The good news is that they have listened and included some options for those unable to provide Amazon compliant tracking information, so read carefully to ensure your shipments match their policies.

Based on feedback from merchants, Amazon have made the following change in the requirements for confirming a shipment:

Providing a delivery service name

Providing a delivery service name (i.e. ship method e.g. Royal Mail 24) during ship confirm process is no longer mandatory for merchant fulfilled orders. However, we encourage you to provide one.

Please note: In cases where Amazon manage the transit time on your behalf (Ship Settings Automation), providing delivery service information at ship-confirm will help Amazon optimise the customer promises on your ASINs.

Amazon VTR updates as of 16 June

As of today, the 16th of June 2021, Amazon require you to:

  1. Provide the name of the delivery service provider
  2. You must provide the name of the delivery service provider (i.e. carrier e.g. Royal Mail) used for all merchant fulfilled orders. You should ensure that the carrier name you provide matches the list of carriers available in the Seller Central drop-down, failing which you will not be able to ship confirm your order.

    Refer to this help page here for more information.

  3. Tracking ID for merchant fulfilled orders
  4. You must provide Amzon with the tracking ID for merchant fulfilled orders that are delivered with a tracked delivery method.

    In case you use the Royal Mail 24® or Royal Mail 48® ship methods, ensure that you provide the unique parcel ID (located above the 2D barcode on the label). You will not be able to ship confirm your shipment if you fail to provide a valid tracking ID unless you selected an untracked shipping service such as stamps.

  5. Maintain a 95% VTR
    You must maintain a 95% VRT on your domestic deliveries on orders received on Amazon UK over a rolling 30-day period. A domestic shipment is one that you ship from an address in the UK to a delivery address in the UK.

    Amazon will measure the VTR for merchant fulfilled domestic shipments at a category level shipped through shipping service providers that are integrated with Amazon to provide scan information. However, please be aware that for calculating VTR, Amazon can only exclude shipments from untracked delivery methods if you provide the name of an untracked delivery method that is identical to one in the Delivery service drop-down menu of the Confirm dispatch page (you can also refer to the carrier and delivery method list here).

    To help you with any additional questions, Amazon have a Amazon VTR updates Help page.

3 Responses

  1. still confusing. they mention ‘domestic’ but don’t seem to be able to confirm if this VTR also applies to UK to EU seller fullfilled orders

  2. If you use Royal Mail 24 or 48 for any of your sales, as many sellers do, this 95% VTR figure cannot be achieved.

    It is easy to integrate click and drop with Amazon and have it all set up automatically so steps 1 and 2 are taken care of, no problem. But step 3 is a problem. Posties don’t scan enough, for whatever reason, and there’s nothing we can realistically do about that.

  3. Gav’s not wrong. We’ve been forced to add a postage charge to our amazon prices. This has affected sales volumes, so no winners here, apart from the canny shoppers that can now buy the same item from us via other marketplaces and our own store with no postage charge.
    Long term I’d like to think more shoppers will shop smarter and realise the issues that amazon cause for buyers and sellers alike.
    I’ll wait…

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