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You might think that Amazon is all about box shifting products in ginormous volumes and you wouldn’t be wrong. But, Amazon’s raison d’être goes much deeper than this as they aim to be the most customer centric company in the world, and that’s why one of their programmes is Amazon Launchpad. Launchpad aims to attract the brightest products designers and assist them to develop new products to delight customers in the future and it’s all about innovation and design.

As part of Amazon Launchpad, they are currently running the Innovation Awards and from 1800 entries the judges have narrowed the field to just 5 shortlisted Amazon Launchpad products. Now it’s over to you – you can vote for the product you consider the most innovative with the winner to be crowned the Amazon Launchpad Startup of the year!

We love all of the shortlisted entries and they are already all winners who will receive a €10,000 prize. However the startup of the year will have their prize bumped 90k making their winnings an enormous €100,000!

If you’re feeling like voting for the best of British, from the more than 1,800 startups from 26 European countries who applied to the Amazon Launchpad Innovation Awards, two finalists are UK-based entrepreneurs – Callaly with their revolutionary tampliner product, and the WeWalk ‘smartcane’.

If you vote, you’re also in with a shout at winning one of 50 €50 Amazon promotional codes, which you can spend on anything sold by Amazon so pick the innovation you think best and click to choose them here. You have until the 7th of July to vote with the start up of the year to be announced on the 12th of July.

Callaly have reimagined the tampon for the first time in 80 years, combining an organic tampon with a soft mini pantie liner to give extra protection.

WeWalk have invented an ergonomic attachment to top white canes and with bluetooth connection to their app, the inbuilt sensors, touchpad and microphone aids with above ground obstacle detection, seamless navigation, voice commands, and hands free control of a mobile all from the cane. With 253 million blind people worldwide, you have to wonder why no one has thought to update the white cane before?

CasusGrill is a more environmentally friendly version of the disposable BBQ. Made from cardboard, bamboo and lava rocks it removes the aluminium from disposable grills resulting in a more sustainable yet still a smart and functional design.

Want to go cycling and then have a stroller to walk your child around? The Påhoj lets you ride with it and walk with it removing the need to choose between a bike seat or a stroller.

PlanetCare is a revolutionary device to remove microplastics from your washing machine waste water hose. The filter is easy to install and 90% efficiency at removing microfibre pollution from the waste water before it goes down your drain. 35% of microplastics in our oceans originates from washing machines, so this is something that impacts us all.


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