Is a new eBay Feedback Star needed?

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Yes, before you say it we know that having any particular eBay Feedback Star is worthless and what really counts is money in the bank… but having said that who can resist watching their feedback as it creeps towards the next star colour? Plus I can still remember the excitement of that one particular star upgrade when my eBay account became a ‘Shooter’. Back in the day it was pretty unusual for a seller to gain a shooting star and there were few enough of us that being a Shooter was an indication of longevity and running a pretty robust business.

Today, although one or two people businesses still exist in their hundreds of thousands, there are significant numbers of big businesses and for them being a Shooter often equates to a single month’s sales. And that’s not just the Yellow Shooting eBay Feedback Star – a rare few achieve the equivalent of a Red shooting star every single month, such is their enormous sell through rates.

In today’s eBay world, the rarest star of all is the Silver Shooting Star, awarded to those that achieve a feedback score of over one million feedback. But it’s not that rare and there are number of accounts that have reached a feedback score of over 5 million feedback score and there’s no star at this level.

Probably no one with 5 million eBay feedback cares about stars, they’re too busy ensuring that their business is running smoothly. But yesterday one seller hit a truly phenomenal milestone… a feedback score of ten million. That’s 10,000,000 and this is something that’s never been done before, not just in the UK but around the world. The amazing musicMagpie now has a feedback score in excess of ten million!

With such mind boggling amounts of transactions (while we’re sure that musicMagpie have better things to spend their time on) here at Tamebay we think it’s time there was a new eBay Feedback Star added for those that hit the ten million mark.

The last time eBay introduced a new feedback star was way back in 2008, when the Green and Silver (‘Sweaty’) stars first appeared on the marketplace in recognition that previously unimaginable levels were being achieved. We reckon it’ll probably take three years for the next eBay seller to achieve the ten million mark based on current sales levels, so for the time being a ten million feedback star would be exclusive to musicMagpie… we’re just waiting for eBay to create it.

If of course, you really don’t care about feedback stars you’ve probably totally forgotten what colour star equates to what level of feedback and for that no forgiveness is needed. But if you’re curious, the table below is a reminder of what each star level represents:



Feedback Score



Feedback Score

Yellow eBay Feedback Star Yellow star 10 to 49 Yellow shooting star 10,000 to 24,999
Blue eBay Feedback Star Blue star 50 to 99 Turquoise shooting star 25,000 to 49,999
Turquoise star 100 to 499 Purple shooting star 50,000 to 99,999
Purple star 500 to 999 Red shooting star 100,000 to 499,999
Red star 1,000 to 4,999 Green shooting star 500,000 to 999,999
Green star 5,000 to 9,999 Silver shooting star 1,000,000 ratings or more


Having written this post and uploaded individual pictures of each eBay star, I’ve just realised I used the pre-2017 versions. Just in case you were going to pull me up on this, the current versions which have appeared on most eBay sites since 2017 are below:
New format eBay Feedback Stars

8 Responses

  1. To be honest i don’t think anyone really pays any notice anymore. Bit like the feedback itself.
    Buyers just come on and want to buy as quickly as possible… often they never even take the time to read the description, sometimes not even the title either, so feedback is over looked. Hell, just look at the amount of sellers with seriously poor feedback, yet still selling lots!
    As for sellers…. Do we care? No not one bit. Most of us are too buys dealing with constant ebay glitches, fraudulant returns and cases and answering questions that are already answered in the description. I’m more concerned about my bottom line, than the flawed ebay feedback system.
    I think it is something that could be done aweay with completely, and nobody would really notice.
    Let ebay concentrate on fixing what needs fixing…. because god help us if they try and alter the star system, who know how many weeks of glitches and disruptions that could cause!

  2. Buyers have a quick look at what people are saying when checking a sellers feedback. They certainly are not bothered about a color of a star. Still a great post well done to music magpie.

  3. I think your lucky if 15% even leave feedback these days. These days you pick up one neg it can make things look bad pretty quick. Obviously if your magpie you get 100s each month it does not scratch the surface.
    I had this on Wednesday looked at the idiots other feedback and yes had been negative everyone. Just a complete clown.
    Anyway eBay removed it not a bother. None of the other sellers have made a phone call by the looks of it .
    The whole system is probably obsolete and really needs simplified.
    People are bombarded with this stuff…review this that and that.

  4. For each transaction there are a ton of things ebay want to measure you on.
    To start with buyers can leave a rating for feedback, delivery time, accurate description, communication and reasonable postage cost. ebay then measure you on late delivery rate, cases closed without seller resolution, transaction defect rate, service metrics, item not received.

    How many of these are actually important or could be done away with?

    It’s pointless leaving buyers feedback saying you have bought and paid for something. Yet some buyers still get annoyed you have not left them feedback and get excited they have 100% feedback and they only buy on ebay.

    If ebay want to focus on data, give sellers information like what percentage does this buyer return.

  5. @rob
    Absolutely spot on- and further to what’s required as a seller I would like to know what percentage negative feedback a buyer has left. I recently came across an account that had left 22 out of 30 feedbacks with negatives, two others as neutral. Many sellers had replied with “the buyers asked for money back but didn’t want to return”.
    How can these sort of people continue to operate on the platform? It’s obvious what they are up to but eBay facilitate their activity by not clamping down on them. And what’s more worrying is how many sellers just refunded to avoid receiving the negative feedback threat.

  6. I can take a unjust negative feedback as pretty much all businesses have bad feedback. It give you a chance to provide a response with facts that I think makes businesses look professional. The but I am fed up with is all the metrics for every little thing a seller does. I have done nothing wrong, buyer opens not as described return so they get a free return or not read the listing but my account is affected. Some open a return in the hope sellers will refund and let them keep the item.


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