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ProShip Fulfilment - Jack Wratten and Michael HogbenWhen you might be selling on a choice from over 50 different marketplaces and webstores and want services from any of 80 plus couriers picking the right fulfilment house isn’t easy. That’s the challenge that Jack Wratten and Michael Hogben aimed to solve when they set up ProShip Fulfilment and their aim was simple – to build the best fulfilment service for ecommerce that would meet your needs.

We spoke to Michael and Jack to find out more about ProShip Fulfilment and how they can assist you to grow your businesses and delight your customers:

Who are ProShip Fulfilment?

ProShip Fulfilment is based in the heart of Kent in a prime location situated right next to London’s main airports and also the Port of Dover. We were founded with the ambition to be one of the best Ecommerce Fulfilment Services for people and businesses in the UK. Our mission is to help your business flourish without limits by providing a specialist overall order fulfilment operation across the UK and internationally, which in turn will help you develop a bigger, better business. After all, your success is our success.

We look to work and partner with all different types of Ecommerce businesses, regardless of your business size or how many orders you’re fulfilling. Big or small we treat all businesses and people the same, with friendly energy, great optimism, exceptional customer care/service, and that personal touch. This in turn makes us a fantastic company to work with.

Overall, we are a friendly, reliable, and professional business with 20 years of warehousing, ecommerce and technology experience between us. We offer super affordable pricing that allows us to welcome so many kinds of businesses no matter the size without sacrificing any operational quality.

Contact us today, find out what else we can do for you.

You can also get an instant quote by using our Quote Calculator – it only takes a minute!

What does ProShip Fulfilment do?

We are Ecommerce and Technology experts willing to go the extra mile for our clients by consistently offering them seamless order fulfilment, expert customer service, reliability and that personal touch. To us, you are not just a number. We pride ourselves in managing your stock and orders no matter how big or small you are with the same level of perfection that you do as ecommerce business owners.

We provide you with everything your ecommerce business will ever need such as Pick & Pack, Storage, Goods In, Same Day Despatch, Returns, Integration, Account Management, and more, all for an affordable price! We also have no minimum order requirements, so anyone is welcome to partner with us!

How can you help me grow?

Order fulfilment is a process most online store owners will be familiar with and will do out of their own home. Without the necessary space, a team of people and your time being saturated by the fulfilment process your business growth can be limited. The more orders you receive the less time you will have to manage other aspects of your business i.e. marketing or social media management and eventually you will physically not be able to fulfil the orders yourself.

For these reasons, this is why outsourcing your order fulfilment to an expert team like us can be a crucial part to allow your business to continue to expand and grow to the levels you wanted it to when you set out on this journey. We have the necessary team, a large and organised space, specialist software, better postage rates and so much more to offer your business. Using an ecommerce service has so many benefits and with ProShip Fulfilment you will get all this at an inexpensive cost.

What other services can you provide?

As much as we are predominantly looking to work with people and businesses that own online stores and require order fulfilment on a regular basis, we also specialise in One-Off Kitting Jobs too. For most pick & pack operations ProShip Fulfilment can be tailored exactly to your needs, just contact us, let us know what you need us to do, get your goods to us and then we would be delighted to commence the operation!

We also believe that people and businesses who are in the same industry should work together more often. This is why we are open to working with other fulfilment businesses for mutual benefit. We firmly believe building relationships with likewise people and businesses will bring success for all parties involved and that to us is a win win.

What integrations do you have?

Our fulfilment software at ProShip Fulfilment allows us to easily integrate into your online stores and marketplaces. Our system directly integrates into over 50 different Marketplaces and Online Stores including eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Woocommerce, Shopify, Wayfair, Magento, Groupon and more, so no matter where you are selling, we will be able to integrate seamlessly! We also integrate into over 80 different couriers. So if you have a preferred courier you’d like us to use – we can do that too!

The direct integration allows us to import your customer orders, update and manage your inventory and offer you real-time updates as your orders move around our warehouse operation.

The best part is – we take care of all of this for you!

What makes you better than your competition?

We are a team of people who strive to give the best service possible with that added personal touch. From top to bottom at ProShip Fulfilment our aim is to stay as in touch with our clients as possible, to have a genuine understanding their goals and objectives as well as recognise the philosopies of their business. We are here to help businesses, wherever we can, whenever we can.

We spent a great deal of time building our website, filling it with useful information for potential clients without cluttering the screen space, making it easy to locate the answers you need and to contact us. We wanted to make our site as user friendly and helpful as possible ensure you don’t waste your valuable time. Within a few minutes on our site you could have all the answers you need, be in contact a member of our friendly team and by the end of the conversation be ready to ship your orders to us!

Our pricing is also very competitive compared to many of the top fulfilment providers across the UK and unlike so many others, we have no minimum order requirement and no hidden fees which allows us to work with anyone who would like to partner with us. With our Quote Calculator you can also get an instant estimated quote within minutes.

How do I get started

Head over to our website and contact us. Even if you are unsure whether to outsource your order fulfilment yet, we advise you still get in touch and speak to a member of our friendly team to see what we can do for you.

Getting set up with ProShip Fulfilment is simple, easy, and fast. We aim to have new accounts set up completely within just a couple of days, meaning we can begin despatching your customer orders almost immediately.

Our amazing team are ready to assist you and your business today, so be sure to get in touch as soon as you can!

4 Responses

  1. Looks like a fantastic site!

    Looking forward to how this business develops in the future.

    Colin Ayres

  2. Better postage rates? I have better Royal Mail rates than offered here, and I was offered better DX rates too, and the Royal Mail rates they offer ex VAT are close to what I am charged inc VAT, so easily a 20% markup or thereabouts.

    They really should have much better rates than anything I could get due to economies of scale, and so the postage rates are subsidising the pick & pack fees.

    I have yet to find a fulfilment service that will genuinely offer a cheaper postage rate to benefit from economies of scale.

  3. Hi Nick,

    We hope you’re well.

    I hope you can appreciate we are a start-up company and as such due to our ‘lowish’ order volumes we are currently not receiving huge discounted postage rates. However, as our clientele builds and as we push more volume, those postage rates will decrease and we will instantly be passing those savings on to all of our clients.

    We can assure you our postage rates are at cost price, and there is no mark up.

    I hope this makes sense, and thanks very much for your feedback. We are a newly established fulfilment company looking to grow and develop as quickly as possible and in turn, we can pass on any volume related discounts to our fabulous clients!

    Thanks very much indeed.

    Director of Proship Fulfilment

  4. A promising great company here, with a fantastically designed website and it looks to have very competitive fees.


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