eBay new shop features now live

eBay Seller Update Autumn 2021 eBay new shop features

You might want to tinker with your eBay shop as eBay have launched new shop features, including a shops tab in Seller Hub, inventory strips, a marketing banner and more, to help you get the most from your shop this season. Theses features were announced as coming in the latest eBay Seller Release.

eBay new Shop features

Those new features are noweBay new shop features live and ready to help you use your shop to tell your story, drive traffic, and showcase your inventory over the festive season. eBay shops now have:

  • A dedicated shop tab in Seller Hub
  • Easily set up and manage your shop, and access all the latest shops features, from your one-stop-shop in Seller Hub.

  • An About tab
  • Tell buyers who you are and what you do in your shop’s About tab.

  • Store policies
  • Set expectations with your buyers around your shipping, return, and business policies.

  • Inventory strips
  • Choose which items your buyers see first by adding up to 4 inventory strips, each with up to 6 items. Choose from topics such as “Featured items,” “Just in,” “Festive collection,” and more.

  • Visual categories
  • Add up to 6 categories, each with its own custom image, in a visual “shop by category” section.

  • Marketing banners
  • Grab buyers’ attention and highlight products, sales, or promotions with clickable marketing banners.

eBay have also upgraded the in-shop search experience. Your shop search will now show all of the same filters and search tools available on eBay’s general search, making your inventory easier to find when buyers are searching directly in your shop. If they search for your shops’ name, buyers may also be given a clue to complete their query.

Get started with new shop features

You’ll see more updates and enhancements to shops over the coming weeks and months, including the ability to add a video to your About tab telling buyers more about you and your business.

You can visit the Seller Hub shops tab to see what’s new and set up your shopfront and learn more about what your shop can do to help you grow your business.

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whats next ? promote your shop, pay per click

r • 11th November 2021 •

To r: They already have brought in ppc. These "upgrades" have completely shattered shops. Sales have nose dived, buyers cannot find products, ebay do not care - indeed they shut down one of the biggest threads about this disaster as they do not want to admit this roll out has been a huge disaster!

Hannah • 11th November 2021 •


Robin • 11th November 2021 •

Always annoyed me they took away our custom design a few years ago but let their corporate friends keep theirs. The features have been their for a while now. Still think video would be a nice addition I used to be able to add one via eBay.com. It looks a bit fresher that is it. However in reality the shop is actually obsolete and people just look at sellers other items and scroll down

SAM • 11th November 2021 •

Robin, I completely agree. Sales collapsed and forced to show everything in Best Match order which does not work for many sellers. Regular buyers in specialised areas can no longer find what they are looking for because everything is dumped together. I have now linked my web addresses to the old and much better version of the shop which has at least salvaged some business. With the outrageously high Managed Payment fees on low-value items, whole sectors of eBay have already fallen away to other marketplaces, further damaging us all. Reluctantly I am soon to recommence selling on other marketplaces. I don't want to but they have killed the viability of shops for some sellers and the low-value items issue does not look like it is getting solved as eBay made noises about putting things right six weeks ago but since then nothing.

Rob • 11th November 2021 •

We sell in art, antiques and collectibles. Been on eBay for 20 years. Our sales have collapsed since the changes, it’s absolutely pointless now. Have to have tens of thousands of pounds worth of stock on the site to make the odd sale now and then. The workloads are unprecedented- hundreds of listings with hardly a handful of page views. We are migrating elsewhere, even promoted listings don’t work anymore. But nobody listens. It won’t be long before eBay look in the till and find it empty.

Jonty • 11th November 2021 •

I also sell antiques and have been with eBay for over 22 years. Is it time to throw in the towel? I keep hoping things will get better but that isn't happening. I wish eBay would go back to the "old" times when you would list an item and not worry about all of the descriptions to list. Selling should be what is the most important thing they do..

JA Gwinn • 14th November 2021 •

The orders tab was down for hours the day before veterans day on too of it all. I could even see my orders, didn't get them shipped. Also the qoh on any variable listing went back to the original qoh when I made the listing and people bought things I was sold out of. But ebay doesnt care.

Chris Diller • 14th November 2021 •