InPost partnership with eBay for fast parcel despatch

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The news is out today of a new InPost partnership with eBay to offer convenient delivery options for marketplace sellers. The partnership signals InPost’s continued expansion in the UK and marks its commitment to providing flexible solutions for a growing C2C ecommerce market.

eBay sellers will now have access to InPost’s 2,500 parcel lockers for the first time, enabling them to drop off parcels at lockers for onward delivery to buyers’ homes. The partnership expands the delivery options available to sellers at a time when many may be looking to capitalise on the increased appetite from consumers to complete their holiday shopping early due to supply chain shortages. And sellers will find it really easy to access as the InPost partnership with eBay solution will be accessible to marketplace sellers through eBay delivery, powered by Packlink.

Now, before you say it’s not good for someone shipping 100 parcels a day we know you’re right. This is a solution that will benefit sellers holding down a full time job with eBay as a side hustle the most – they’ll be able to despatch any time of the day or night simply by visiting a locker. Sellers with relatively low volumes may also love the InPost partnership with eBay as they’ll be able to drop off at their nearest InPost locker, avoiding long queues in physical stores. All sellers have to do is scan their bar code and drop the parcel off – with the whole process taking a matter of seconds.

Available 24/7, and positioned at convenient locations such as, train stations, petrol forecourts, and supermarkets including Tesco, Morrisons and Lidl, lockers ensure maximum flexibility, catering towards the growing number of casual and ‘side hustle’ sellers that require postal solutions that work around their day jobs and everyday routines. 250 InPost Lockers across the UK will be co-branded with eBay, to celebrate the partnership.

This is an important benefit given that eBay has seen significant growth in casual or “C2C” sellers as a result of the pandemic, in particular the rise of the ‘recommerce’ market. Research published by eBay in March 2021 highlighted that two thirds of UK sellers started to sell pre-owned goods during the pandemic to earn extra cash.

“We’re thrilled to have partnered with eBay to ensure that marketplace sellers have access to a convenient, flexible and time-saving delivery option that genuinely works in tandem with their normal routines. We see this as just the first step as InPost are continually delivering new and exciting products that companies like eBay can use to improve the lives of their buyers and sellers.

We know online marketplaces such as eBay offer an important revenue stream for many entrepreneurs and casual sellers – particularly in the run up to Christmas, and today’s partnership ensures that those sellers have access to quick and easy ways to get their products to buyers.”
– Jason Tavaria, CEO, InPost UK

“At eBay, we’re committed to providing the right tools and levers to streamline the selling experience and to help our sellers make more money and boost sales. Our partnership with InPost ensures that sellers have greater choice in the delivery options available to them, presenting a convenient method of postage which can save both time and money – which is all the more crucial during this busy trading period.”
– Murray Lambell, GM, eBay UK

InPost now has approximately 2,500 lockers in the UK – and aims to have the largest automated parcel machine networks in the UK, with ambitions for around 3,000 APMs by the end of 2021 and over 10,000 by 2024.

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  1. Interesting – I dropped off three parcels in an Inpost locker 6 days ago – they are still there awaiting collection. Even after contacting them 5 times – they remain locked away.

  2. “At eBay, we’re committed to providing the right tools and levers to streamline the selling experience and to help our sellers make more money and boost sales“

    Yeh really,,,,,,, well why not first make sure your site works correctly, get rid of the nonsense item specifics categories and reduce your FSF – that would be a start before climbing into bed with InPost who from my experience aren’t often the best.

  3. One of my “clients” is selling sublimated mugs and was looking for an alternative in the price bracket of Royal Mail small packet (about £3).

    I thought I would “test” inpost to see if they are any good.

    I advised her to send one of her mugs through the inpost network using the parcel lockers.

    She sent a sublimated mug on the 12th Nov, very well packaged. Tracking looked ok at first with acceptance scan and local depot scans. However, then tracking went dark. No scan between the 13th and the 21st. The package was delivered this morning over a week late – and smashed. In comparison – she has never had a breakage before with Royal Mail and has sent hundreds of packets. The mug is incredibly well wrapped in layers and layers of bubblewrap and in a smash proof box.

    So not a good start for inpost. Not only late but contents broken. Now this is only one packet so arguably not a good statistical test. But concerning.

    Also concerning was what the driver said. “Mugs are bound to get broken” he told her and went on to claim that Hermes (who deliver inpost) have a big “backlog”. Hardly re-assuring.

    If they can get the delivery process sorted properly then this has the potential to be an excellent service. the drop off process of the lockers themselves is incredibly easy and shows an “acceptance scan” a few hours after drop off – protecting the seller from any ebay late delivery defects. The idea and structure is there IF they can get it working practically.


    Do not use, and 30% of the time your item gets scanned by the driver the next day which will show up as late delivery and affect your late delivery metrics on eBay. Inpost and eBay won’t change this. eBay are very lazy and once you lose your top seller status it’s not worth it.

    eBay scanning will indicate late drop off as not all inpost lockers are emptied daily. So your items can get stuck for days. I have lost 2 top seller statuses on my 2 eBay accounts.

    Loss in eBay sales, not worth it. Hermes have cheaper rates if you go direct with them.

  5. @Alan, I use Hermes the majority of the time for small items and send quite a lot of mugs and breakables. Very rarely get breakages with Hermes.

    I am noticing quite a lot of delays thou with them at the minute and the 3rd party I use, collects the items and takes them direct to one of the main hubs. Usually works great as items even arrive next day on a 2 day service but if they are not scanned till the next day and then arrive late end up with a defect from ebay.

    ebay need to start looking at things different, instead of punishment for everything they can think of. If speed of delivery is as import as they say it is for the customer, why not show the percentage of delivered on time parcels to the buyers area from the seller and let the buyer make the choice.

  6. @ Rob, good to know my experience with the broken mug with Hermes was unlucky. Sods law that this would happen in my first “test”. I have used hermes a lot in the past but I have recommended avoiding breakables and never had anyone I know use inpost lockers. A friend of mine is now selling mugs and wants to avoid post offices.

    I really hope Hermes / inpost can get the parcel lockers working properly. Given the pandemic, new Corona strain and congestion at the post offices this is a perfect solution for our current situation ….. if they can get it working.

    I am sure ebay have been told by Hermes/Inpost that there are daily collection scans. Sadly this does not seem to be the case.

    What I have noticed with a few more tests is that the parcel is showing as “accepted” within a few hours of being dropped off at the parcel locker. It wasnt doing that earlier in the month. It looks like the lockers are displaying an “acceptance scan” to ebay. Presumably this will protect against late delivery defect – if it wasnt before – even if the item is delivered late. The wording for the tracking seems to have changed last week from “dropped off” or “dispatched” to “accepted”. I know that “dropped off” or “dispatched” would not protect you with ebay but i am quite sure that “accepted” will.

    I agree that ebay need to look at things different. They are far too trusting of courier companies. Many of the decisions they make regarding defects are based on information given to them by the courier that isnt always accurate – at least not for the tolerances that ebay are looking for.

    meanwhile anyone I know who is using hermes or inpost i have recommended that they extend their dispatch time to at least 2 days to cover them for the fact that many parcels – even in the normal Hermes network – are not being scanned same day. Not ideal I know.

    ebays system would work if carriers did what they said they were going to do. Royal Mail Tracked 48 is a classic example of this when RM told ebay that every tracked item gets an acceptance scan same day – which is not always the case with tracked 48. ebay are building systems round mis-information or misinterpretation from the carriers. I am sure ebay put a lot if thought into it. They are no doubt puzzled when good sellers dont meet the criteria and complain about being too harsh.

    ebay if your listening – Inpost lockers are not being emptied every day and some parcels are sitting for days before being collected for the Hermes network. Sellers will realise quickly and not use such a system when they are consequences from ebay. Pressure needs to be put in Inpost to get it right and do as they say.

  7. @Alan like most couriers depends how you pack them. I send quite a few mugs and glasses. for the mugs use a double walled box, packing paper and if more than one wedge a piece of cardboard between them.

    I use a local courier who take parcels direct to Hermes major hub so often parcels get there next day even with 48hr service. Trouble is thou when they get a backlog they might not be scanned till the next day and if delivered late ebay start with the defects.

    One ebay video tells you to give the customer the correct expectation of dispatch and delivery. But then get a few issues and you are punished.


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