Visual Merchandising demo Mon 31st Jan

Visual Merchandising demo Mon 31st Jan

Attendees at Tamebay Live, watching the Advanced Commerce masterclass on Visual Merchandising were promised a live demo of the solution – and if you’re interested then you too can attend this coming Monday afternoon at 4pm.

The paradox of choice states the more choice we have, the harder it is to make a decision. As we have entered the digital age there has been an explosion of choice – the boundaries and constraints of floor space in a shop are removed online and more and more choice has been offered making it harder for consumers to make decisions.

Online merchandising is about controlling the product display sequence, it’s a retailer’s way of helping shoppers navigate the paradox of choice by showing relevant products instead of trying to show every product in the catalogue – shoppers attention spans are short, so the decisions we make about what to show first in every part of our online stores is increasingly important.

This type of merchandising happens constantly in brick-and-mortar stores. They are carefully laid out making sure the right blend of products based on price, stock level, popularity etc are displayed throughout, and the last 18 months have really emphasised the need for this kind of merchandising online. Retailers are also finding as they merchandise their online store and take control of their product curation it has a waterfall effect on metrics like conversion, AOV, volume of orders, and even things like returns and canceled orders.

Our platform allows retailers to use a blend of attributes such as popularity, margin, availability, trending, price etc. to determine their product sequencing. It gives retailers the tools they need to visually merchandise their online store and provide a curated product display sequence, which in turn has a waterfall effect on increasing conversions, AOV and revenue.

We have built GrapheneHC to become the gold standard for online merchandising, see a live demo on Monday the 31st of January at 4pm.

Register here to attend.

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